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    • Nickname / Location / Personal info:  Well,my name is Maryana rodriguez and I live in venezuela/lara My nick in the game is: Blaze^ I play in my spare time like in my vacations or weekends,of everything else I dedicate myself to study aslo met in 2015 so I started with race servers and then dm Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: It all started in 2015,I always had it changing my gta with mods After playing for almost a year racing,a friend recommended me ffs and there I started to pratice dm Clans you've been part of: Lately i'm in National Xtreme Racing| |-NxR-| Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I would like to learn from other people better than me and maybe they learn something from me and also could help in some things since I like to help 😊 What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: What can you contribute with: with what  I can,if it is something of performance as a computer is not very good,if it is something of money,I don't know it,the economy of my country is very bad Why do you think we'd accept you: I am a very good person and I try to help as much as possible and be a good person with other person more than everything with the member I'm happy all the time,but in serious situations i'm serious   Well I have nothing more to say,I hope to be accepted 😃