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    • mi parceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee good luck<3
    • Good luck old team mate
    • ~Hey from the other side~   Nickname : Chryxz. Location: Colombia. Personal info: My name is Cristian, I'm 16 y/o and I enjoy playing Maicra.   Tell us about you and your history in MTA: I started in MTA in mid-2014 on a server in zombie mode (Virus X), I spent a year playing this way, but in the end I got bored and decided to look for new game modes, coming to a DM / DD / FUN sv called XPG , where I started to improve, so I left this community and got to TG, this was the sv where my real career in the DM began, coming to join different clans, most of them by invitation. Participating in clan wars, I discovered that I'm competitive and that I had achieved good skills in DM / Hunter.
      Brief summary of my career at the MTA, I really do not have many important things to say.   Clans you've been part of: LxG // - Member - Closed. | -XpR- | - Member - Kicked. #Rs! - Member - Problems with Leader. ~ pS | - Trial - Closed. iSG // - Member - left MTA. iW // - Member - left. #UP | - Member - left. St. - Member - left before it closed. |-nTL-| - Member - Kicked.   Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Mainly because I'm Latin and I got bored of being in European clans, where things don't have the same atmosphere or tone of seriousness, on the other hand it is a clan with history and good skills, which I would also like to learn.   What can you contribute with: I can contribute to clan wars and being the clan pet.   Why do you think we'd accept you: Because I can help in clan wars and I can be friendly for fun.   Discord - Chryxz#1960 Skype - elp3r4 PD:
    • Nickname / Location / Personal information: My name is Vlad Goncharov I'm 20 years old, I live in Russia, the city of Volgograd. My nickname is Remax.
      I want to talk about myself, so get down to business. I've been working as a cook in a kindergarten for 2 years, I like it, I went to college to become
      the usual cook and work in any institution, I worked in two different institutions and practiced 3-4 months. I did not think that I will work as a cook in a kindergarten, it is normal to feed young children, it's great and pleasant for me and a mentor! I cook a variety of excellent delicious dishes, children constantly ask for supplements, I really love children, I think that do not stop this profession and look for career growth to become a cook, but it's in a dream. I am a friendly chef and MTA player. I have good advantages in me, I do not like to quarrel with the clan players, if I am to blame, I better close my mouth and I will remain silent. My work schedule is 8-9 hours, 5 days work, 2 days rest!
      After a day's work, I can drink a glass of beer with friends or just take a walk and relax from business, ride a bike and listen to music. It seems I told you everything, sorry for my bad English. Tell us about you and your story in MTA / clans, in which you participated: My career started in 2011, I fell in love with the MTA project, which played for days and nights, and tried to quickly learn how to play and become like all DM players!
      My first game server, German [DDAS] played for 1 year, there were good mods for different methods, there were good scripts and good experienced players, but the server was closed. I searched the server for a long time and found that the server ~ xS was playing with friends for 6 months, and then this server became boring and annoying for me and went to play on other servers. In 2013-2014 I went to play on the server #ER, which played for 3 years, I liked this project, the administration followed the news and the players on the server, for me the main thing is to learn to play better every year, I play and improve their playing skills. I improve my skills on different servers and trainings, for example, /TfF\, Vultaic  and many other servers. I always have a chance to learn how to play as a professional dm player when there is free time for games.
      Now I'm playing on the Vultaic server, and I'm improving my DM DM skills and possibly the hunter. Previously, I participated in various clan DM-DD, Hunter and  clanwar (WFF).
      My old clans
      DG | Divinity Gamers Left VIP | Very Inportant Players Left  mP  | Master Players Left #MvP! | Most Valuable Players Closed  LT | La-Tropica Kicked US' | Unforgettable Stars Left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I want to join Nitrous Racing, because there is an excellent community, a good future, experienced players and I want to find a friendly team. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I will not lie to you, I'd rather tell the truth. I'm not a professional DM player, but I can play, I can help to participate in clanwar (WFF) if necessary, I will be happy to always help my team. I look forward to your reply, with love Remax ❤️ My Skype-Crazy199773