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Clan Roster

44 Total members
4 Leaders
1 Co-Leaders
2 Developers
2 Managers
20 Members
16 Trials
Nickname Rank Extra
adeliveR adeliveR Leader Map Uploader
  • Adidas Adidas Leader WFF/DM Manager
  • Pizza Pizza Leader Map Uploader
  • ShankZ ShankZ Leader CW Manager
  • yani yani Co-Leader Community Manager
  • Luminaire Luminaire Developer Main Developer
  • ZJK ZJK Developer Webmaster
  • VonKasty VonKasty Manager CW Manager
  • xMoN xMoN Manager Administrator
  • Lukaculz Lukaculz Member Main Designer
  • Allcapone Allcapone Member Newbie
  • ArtiX ArtiX Member Administrator
  • Asency Asency Member Moderator
  • Aturex Aturex Member Newbie
  • AveuX AveuX Member Administrator
  • Blaze Blaze Member Advanced User
  • ceaN ceaN Member Moderator
  • Crizz Crizz Member Administrator
  • D4rk72 D4rk72 Member Administrator
  • EffectX EffectX Member Administrator
  • Eleven Eleven Member SH Manager
  • Facuuzz Facuuzz Member Administrator
  • FranK! FranK! Member Advanced User
  • Inspra Inspra Member Newbie
  • Krazy Krazy Member OS Machine
  • Luka_ce Luka_ce Member Administrator
  • PoSITiVBnRankeAo#<~ PoSITiVBnRankeAo#<~ Member Administrator
  • Relax Relax Member Administrator
  • Shael Shael Member Moderator
  • Spectrum Spectrum Member Newbie
  • Tecla Tecla Member Administrator
  • #SherazPapi #SherazPapi Trial Newbie
  • Chaos Chaos Trial Advanced User
  • DeLeTe DeLeTe Trial Newbie
  • Dove Dove Trial Advanced User
  • Dredd Dredd Trial Advanced User
  • EM1N3M EM1N3M Trial Newbie
  • Gery! Gery! Trial Newbie
  • PacT PacT Trial Newbie
  • ryderawr ryderawr Trial Advanced User
  • ShaoliN ShaoliN Trial Advanced User
  • TORENE TORENE Trial Advanced User
  • TurBo TurBo Trial Newbie
  • Vitalic Vitalic Trial Newbie
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