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  1. Nitrous Racing

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      Would you like to apply for our clan? Give it a try here. Opened

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      Are you new around or just want to share some personal information? This is the correct section.

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      Want to challenge your clan against Nitrous Racing or see Clanwar results? Try here.

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      Want to share your maps? This is the correct place.

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      This is the "sort of" trashcan where you can post anything that doesn't fit with the rest of the forums. Keep always in mind to find the correct forum to post whatever you're supposed to though.

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      Do you have any video, song, mix or whatsoever you want to show us? This is the forum you're looking for! Post any multimedia related stuff here.

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    • Accept this retard already.. bad member @Pavvlon
    • Declinado x ripearle el smod al sixis lmaooooo
    • after I came back, I start playing shooter for 6 months in server called wnash-time, its server for high-jump players, after that I become hunter player, and INT clan invited to join, I hesitated but I accept that invite from my soul mate DAM, actually I didn't play any tournaments with them, so it was so seedy, I left because of that, soon I left, got invite from clan called iW, that motivated me to continue Hunter, I accepted iW's invite, and started to training DM, and played with them some cws, L7, L7DM, but I couldn't develop my skils so I left, some of my friends in iW, thinking I left to do join request for FFS, actually I left because I couldn't develop my skills with iW, I was bad in DM, so I couldn't fine way to be one of their squad, I start training for DM more, after that I got invit from clan reopen called M, I know them, all of them my friends, so I start playing with cws, L7DM, but in the same time I've problems with some members in M, so I left, and here I'm doing Join Request for xN, I wish I told you everything to know .   Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I want to be part of this clan. I will do all I can for this clan And be with them in good and bad times. Also, there are tournaments that allow me to develop my skills, whether it is in DM or in Hunter, and I have some friends in it.   How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  hmm, in tournaments or in cws, I will do everything I can to stand with xN, I can play Shooter, I heard there's good squad, I know there's some players hates me but I utilize every opportunity to fix it, xN that clan I like to join it and to be part of it.