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canceled [SH] N17r0's Join Request

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Nickname / Location / Personal info:

My name is Adam, I'm currently 18 years old and I live in a small Polish town located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Olecko. In the game I'm guided by a nickname that has been with me for some 2 years, N17r0. My main interests are volleyball, pyrography and motorization. Every day I go to the 3rd grade of IT. Outside the school, I go to the gym and to the volleyball training club KS Perła Olecka. I'm characterized by ambition, diligence and perseverance. Sometimes when I've time I also like to burn something in wood. I also have my own websites on which I operate under the name Ukassiu and ukass360, they came from my second name, Lukas.

Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details:

 As for my first meeting with MTA: San Andreas it would be difficult to determine when it started but I could say that it could be between 2012 and 2013. I started my adventure with MTA: San Andreas in 2015. My first server, on which I started to play was a Polish server type 4FUN, PSZ, better known as the Polski Serwer Zabawy. After a short time playing on PSZ I found a server Twisted Gamers on which I found the mode on which I play untill today, Shooter. Twisted Gamers was the main server on which I played. Thanks to the Shooter mode I got to know a lot of various servers on which I also played and they were 3lite Racers and European Pro Gamers. Currently, the only server on which I play is FFS Gaming.

Clans you have been part of:


coE | Chamber-of-Emptiness - Left - SH Player;

FX | Fucking_Xtreme - Left - Member;

'L. | The Liberators - Left - SH Squad;

R// | Royal Family - Left - Member;

zG' | Zero Gravity - Left - SH and Race Squad;

cS | Code "Sierra" - Current - SH Jump Squad.


DoS | Dream of Speed - Left - Race Squad;

mD | Most_Damnation - Left - SH Squad.

Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing:

Well, I chose this clan because of its activity. The Nitrous Racing is derived from frequent clan wars from what I was able to notice, so I decided to write an application to you. As I mentioned in my old application, with each selection I don't pay attention only to whether I will be able to play clan wars, but also what is the current atmosphere in it. From what I was able to hear and notice, all members of Nitrous Racing respect each other, which is of course a rarity.

How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?

From what you could see in the point Tell us about your MTA: SA career in details, I wrote that I am a Shooter player, it can be deduced also from who I was in my old clans. I wouldn't like to go out to a selfish person, of course, but I consider myself a really good player. For sure I could be useful in clan wars where I would proudly represent your clan.

Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team:

Well, as I mentioned in the Nickname / Location / Personal info section, I'm interested in the pyrography. I update my portfolio and other websites on a regular basis by inserting new works on them. I also deals with computer graphics. The program that I use is GIMP 2.10.18. I cann't call myself an outstanding graphic designer because I only know new things related to computer graphics but I'm able to do any work, for example the signature at the beginning of the application and the background of my profile have been made by me. You can deduce what I'm as a graphic artist.

Additional Information:

I mentioned that I have my own websites such as Facebook, where I operate under the name U-Kar Art or DeviantArt, where I work under the name ukas360. Of course, I cordially invite you to them. If anyone is interested in my history with pyrography, I also refer you to the FFS Gaming Forum, on which I created a post My story with a pyrography in which I tell about it. I think that would be enough. I encourage you to follow my websites and the FFS Gaming Gallery, on which my works are kept up to date.



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Please, close a thread. Have a nice evening! ;)

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