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Roachy's join request #2

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Nickname / Location / Personal info:
My name is Konrad, in game I am known as Roachy. I am a 21 year old guy from Poland, currently living in Norway, near Drammen. In the free time I like to hang out with friends and play computer games, mostly MTA. 

Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details:
My career started back in 2013 on SMT DD server. I was playing there until the server got updated, then it lost its players. After that happened I started to play on some polish DD servers and kept joining teams. Eventually, after like a year and a half I got bored of DD gamemode and started playing DM. In 2015, if I remember well, I decided to stop playing on polish servers and move on. The first one was PiA, still to date I think it was the best server to play on. After it unfortunately died, I moved to Small Hustlers Crew (SHC) server. I wrote a join request and I got accepted. I really liked to be in part of that family and I gained much experience. Sadly, after like six months, I have left the team to try something new and joined No Fucking Way (nFw) with Endzel and Streetch as the leaders. I have been there for 2 months and the clan got closed. After some months I decided to join vovo's new project called Victorious Eight (v8). We had good members right there, we've actually won the only played cw against fH. Some time later I got promoted to leader but I had to leave due to my inactivity. After that, I was clanless for like 2 years and eventually left DM for 6 months. I started to play DD again, but didn't feel as comfortable as I did in 2013. I got back to DM and joined to Unstoppable Fighters Force but not so long ago it got closed.

Clans I have been in:

SHC// Small Hustlers Crew - left x2
-nFw- No Fucking Way - closed
v8. Victorious Eight - left
Uff. Unstoppable Fighters Force - closed

Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing?
Nitrous Racing seems to be a fun place to be and the atmosphere is really cool. You, as the team, are very competetive in the clanwars. I would also like to learn new things of the gameplay.

How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing? 
I am a friendly guy and an active player, and I could represent the team in positive ways. I could also help in some clan wars if needed.

Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team?
I find myself as a decent and active player and with some training with you I could help you at clan wars.

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good luck ❤️ 

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Good Luck my friend 👉👌❤️

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