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Last Shot Counts - Qualifying Rounds

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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.


In this thread, we will try to explain everything regarding the qualifying rounds. After the teams have registered, the next step is to set them against another team which then will determine who gets on the next stage. Each group has to win the match in order to get closer to the final match phase.





  • 18 teams consisting of 3-5 participant for each team, in total of 85 participants.
  • The winning team qualifies to the next stage and the other team will be eliminated from the competition.
  •  1 player will earn the MVP award at the end of the match and it will be counted on.
  • The matches are held in Central European Time.  Click here to see the current time.


Stages, Date & Time


As you can see above, the teams are divided into spots and each team will be facing another and move on to the next level. The winner qualifies to the next stage and so on. In case someone is interested in watching a match you can find the date and time here (once both teams agreed on a date and time they will be added here). Make sure to inform one of the organizers about the date and time (if both teams agreed at the same date and time) so he can add it to the list.



You probably ask yourselves "why there are 4 teams who play one match more than the rest?" - answer to that question is that we have decided to increase the chance of winning the MVP award. We have made an inner poll to decide who will have that opportunity and the teams you see got it.



Each team has to pick 5 maps from the list shown below. Each map will be played for 5 minutes.

  • [Shooter] Tobster - Kamikazed
  • [Shooter] Tobster - The Castle
  • [Shooter] EDOS ft. Ron1 - Shooter
  • [Shooter] EDOS ft. Ron1 - Shooter II
  • [Shooter] Qashqai - Nissanland 
  • [Shooter] RuzikA - ShoT in Your Ass
  • [Shooter] Adidas - burst


Server Information 

The matches are going to be played in our SH Clanwars server (mtasa://, a live stream will be delivered in any match.



We also are trying to deliver a better experience for you so there will be streams. @Adidas and @adeliveR are going to stream some matches for us. In case you want to stream a match contact one of the organizers so we can add you to the list.




We also are looking for referees so if you want to help us and become one of the referees contact @Qashqai to add you to the list.



Make sure to join the tournament's discord server to keep you updated with everything regarding the tournament. You can find the rules over here.

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Welcome back!

After finishing with the Qualifying Rounds, where 10 groups have participated one against another against their own arrivals, we're officially stepping up to the next stage - the 1/4 stage. But before so, as you can see in the discord channel, let's announce the results of the Qualifying Rounds:


 Qualifying Rounds Results:



  • Unlimited Power 16:4 Yuri Tarded - MVP: Vevo
  • Essence-of-Speed 13:7 Chicken Wings - MVP: Hedi
  • Serial KillerZ has been eliminated from the competition therefore Unlimited Power has qualified to the next stage.
  • sickcunts 12:10 Los cabros - MVP: Asency
  • United Power 16:4 Revolution Gaming - MVP: Snopic
  • zNation! 15:5 Vem Tranquilo - MVP: ZeRoXy
  • cukur 15:5 Ubojnia u Beziego - MVP: AliQ
  • Hassikome 13:11 les Dela3a - MVP: Hardy
  • Next Revolution 15:5 Glowing Stars - MVP: Tobster
  • Nitrousnoel Raiders 13:7 Essence-of-Speed - MVP: SherazPapi


MVP Status:

x1 Vevo, Hedi, Asency, Snopic, ZeRoXy, AliQ, Hardy, Tobster, SherazPapi


 1/4 Stage:

This time we enter the 1/4 stage. Here there will be 4 matches while only two teams will surpass to the semi-final. We would like to refresh your memories by saying that every match has its own MVP which will eventually be one step closer to the MVP award.


So the groups are:

  • Unlimited Power vs sickcunts
  • United Power vs zNation!
  • cukur vs Hassikome
  • Next Revolution vs Nitrousnoel Riders

Dates will be discussed within the discord channel as it was in the previous phase. Each leader team will discuss with the enemy's leadership team along with our organizers to set up a date. It's really worthless to mention that the rules remain the same, right?


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