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declined Moon's Join Request

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Nickname / Location / Personal info

My nickname is Moon and I come from Switzerland. My real name is Eray and I am 16 years old. I am a mature guy who likes spending time playing, meeting new people and making friends. In my free time I also like to hang out with friends, go to the movies or play football. Two days a week I go to football training in an official club and sometimes have a match on saturday.

Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details

The first time I played MTA was in 2013 on a turkish DD-Server. After a couple of months playing I came across FFS Gaming. I played there for approximately 1 year and then took a break for school, which lasted a few years.

On 26-10-2018 I officially created a new FFS-Account and have been playing actively ever since. 

Clans you have been part of

Art of Gaming: "ArG|" Head of Shooter. 23.02.2019 - 23.03.2019 | Closed

Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing

I have been admiring Nitrous Racing for a very long time now. It's a quality and very active clan. From official CW's to community CW's you guys are constantly challanging others which I like alot. Also I would like to meet new people and make friends since it's pretty much my first offical clan. I joined Art of Gaming at a very bad time since they decided to close it a month after I joined. So I was'nt able to gather much experience other than meeting a few new people and completing a couple cw's. So It would be a pleasure to join a large and well-known clan to improve and expand skills and competences.

How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing? 

I am a experienced Shooter player and also play Oldschool every once in a while. Although you guys already have alot of skilled Shooter members, I'd like to help and participate in clanwars. 

Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team?

I really like to speak and master different languages. In school I learned to speak German, French and English. Two years ago my teacher told me that I have great English skills and should take the "First Cambridge English" exam. So I took classes to prepare myself and after 4 months of being in those classes I took the test. I passed the test and got awarded my certificate. Since I was born here in Switzerland I also learned Swiss-German in my free time. This year I started to learn Dutch as a school project and I make progress daily. I forgot to mention that my parents were born and raised in Turkey which explains why I am capable of speaking Turkish too. So my point is that I can help members with translations and more.

Additional Information:

Thank you for taking your time to read my application. I will be happy to answer questions or uncertainties.

Discord: Moon#3189

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Goodluck mate! Veel succes je kunt het ❤️

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iyi şanslar bro

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my man said who is yani

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