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Last Shot Counts - The Final Stage

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Hello there!


We've reached the final stage where two teams are going to compete for one against another. The winner of this stage wins the tournament and manage to win the prize of 25 euros. From 18 teams who fought each other bravely and consistently, we're here with the grand teams who are:


Hassikome - Hardy, NIRVANA, Jcpz, ZEK & Erhan

sickcunts - PavvloN, TurBo & Flame





MVPs Status:

x2 - Hardy, TurBo.

x1 - Snopic, AliQ, Asency, Hedi, Vevo, ZeRoXy, Tobster, SherazPapi, VarieN, Pedrin, NIRVANA.


We would like to remind you that the one with the biggest amount of MVPs will get the 10 euros prize. In the case of two people with the same biggest amount of MVPs, they will compete for one against another in which the winner would receive the prize.




A live stream will be delivered and announced on our official discord server. Surely the server remains the same one used in the previous stages. Moreover, we will announce the date and time for the final match Hassikome VS. sickcunts in our official discord server so join and be there!



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