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Last Shot Counts - Results & Conclusions

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We've finally reached the end of the tournament! A lot of matches were occurring. Some were intense, some less but at the end of the day a there was one team who managed to beat all the 18 other teams. Please congratulate the winner:

sickcunts - TurBo, PavvloN & Flame !



Their prize is as promised - 25 euros. Congratulations!

First Place.png


But wait, there's another prize we didn't announce yet. The MVP of the tournament! So, after all the matches, the MVP of the tournament is Hardy! You can receive your prize - 10 euros. Congratulations!


It was a great experience, either for us as for the managers and for you the competitors. All of that wouldn't have happened without our managers:

@Eleven , @Qashqai , @Luminaire , @DeLeTe , @adeliveR , @VonKasty , @Sunset & @Adidas.

Not to mention our lovely referees who supported:

@Hardy , @varien , @Noovl & @Flame.


LSC Tournament #4.png


Well, we hope you had a good time. We know we had. See you in the future!

Sincerely yours,

Nitrous Racing.

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