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declined Azeroth's Join Request

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Nickname / Location / Personal info: Nickname / Location / Personal info:
My real name is Oğuzhan, nickname Azeroth* and I'm living in Turkey.
Im 22 years old, I graduated from university(Department of Public Relations and Advertising) and I'm trying to be a cop. I'm a little crazy, social and a person who doesn't like being alone. I have high self-confidence. I am interested in fitness(intermediate). In my spare time, I like spending time with my friends and playing games.

Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details:
I started playing MTA in late 2009. My first server was MTA-TR. When I first started playing MTA, I was playing DD mode on Turkish servers.(Mta-TR DD/Mta-Turkey/Turkiye-DD). I have also played DD mode on some foreign servers.(SKC-DDC vs,). DD mode started to become boring and then I started playing DM mode. I started FFS in 2015. I've only played DM mode here. I quickly developed and played in quality clans. I quit the game from time to time because of some of my real life work but now I'm back and I keep playing with my favorite friends. I spend most of my time on DM OS. Hard DM do not play much.

Clans you have been part of:
NAB Team, nT [Member-Left]
Xtreme Racers zCool, xRz [Member-Left(I left because I created a team)]
Massive Strong, -msr-[Leader-Left(closed due to disputes)]
Fucking Xtreme, FX| [Member-Left(I went back to my old team''-msr-'')]
New Style Potential, Nsp [Member-Left(I left the game for a while)]
Godzilla™ , [Current(I'm playing on this team right now)] 

Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing:
 First of all, I know that there are very good quality players in this clan. I have been following this clan for a long time and I know their success. I always want to play this game with quality players. I am a talented and good player and I want to play in a high quality, high-level clan. I also have my favorite friends in this clan (Vitalic,FranK). If I join this clan, MTA will be the best clan I've ever joined.

How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?
I think I have WFF skills that I can contribute to the team.I can help L7 OS. I've played DD mode for many years and I think I'm still talented in DD mode. My Hunter skills are pretty good too. I want to contribute to the team in clan wars and tournaments. You can count on me to do my job with diligence and discipline when I'm assigned a task. 

My Levels
Hard DM 7/10, DM OS 9/10, DD 9/10, Hunter 9/10

Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team:
I didn't want to make a map or do anything about the computer, I only used the computer to play games, so I don't have a talent on these issues.

Additional İnformation

I hope you let me join the family.
I hope you enjoy when you reading my post.
You can ask me everything via Discord and Forum.


Best Regards


Edited by Azeroth*
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4 hours ago, Azeroth* said:

I'm trying to be a cop.

We commit a lot of illegal actions in our clan. May you arrest us?

Good luck bro

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