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Hello Guyssss

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Hello friends, There are many people in this clan that don't know me. For this reason, I felt the need to introduce myself better and I opened this topic. My real name is Oğuzhan, nickname Azeroth* and I'm living in Turkey. Im 22 years old, I graduated from university(Department of Public Relations and Advertising) and I'm trying to be a cop. I'm a little crazy, social and a person who doesn't like being alone. I have high self-confidence. I am interested in fitness(intermediate). I like spending time with girls :). I spend most of my time on DM OS. Hard DM do not play much. Occasionally, I play DD mode. 

I've asked to join this team before. You can review my JR by clicking here. Azeroth's Join Request


My beautiful Istanbul :):)


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Hey nice to meet you & welcome.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you luka :)

Edited by Azeroth*

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