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declined [SH] Vortex's Join Request

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Nickname / Location / Personal info:

Hey, I am Vortex, my real name is Elyes, I am 22 years old I am from Tunisia, I am an optimistic person, who always seeks to give the best of himself and never give up, Besides I like to learn from past mistakes and not make them again. And I am a guy who likes to feel special among other players, but I feel that I have an immense ability to help news players, However, I also have a great quality that is to maintain respect for all members and players also had a calm to effect and resolve things in due time.

Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details:

My journey began in early 2012, I was playing samp for 1 year until I ran into MTA: SA.

I started off playing OS on random servers but i quickly got bored of it, that's when i found out about this cool action-packed game-mode called Shooter, I played on a very deficient Shooter server for more than a year until a friend i met there told me about FFS' server and boy did i miss a lot.

So yea, I registered on FFS in early 2014, since then I couldn't find any better server 

Clans you have been part of:




Champer of Emptiness


Code "Sierra"


Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing:

I know that nitrous racing is one of the clans that have a really good atmosphere in it. More than a friendship you guys are like a part of a real family. And the way how you guys act each other always impressed me and make me take a shit on xn. Plus I have many friends there so I hope I get the chance to be with you guys. also, I like how you manage things relate to competing 

How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?

I want to help you with your problems if you have. And learn some "tricks" from you. I'm like a middle range in skill so I still learn some things. But I want to be a pro

Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team:

Well, I'd say that I'm good at OS, so maybe I can help in cws if needed!

Additional Information:

I'm Elyes, a 22 year old Tunisian. I study techniques and play in the server in my free time. I love to read, hang with friends when I got the opportunity and do all kind of crazy things that crosses my mind at the moment I consider my self as a trustworthy person. I got a kind of nature I can't be rude with anyone unless they deserve it more than everything I love helping people in need I won't ever abuse someone that needs me and I prefer sometimes losing time or losing money in order to help people that need it and that deserves it I like to learn the things with hard work and even if I didn't do great I like to show people I'm capable of more I consider my self as a great friend, you won't ever hear or read me trash-talking about any friend of mine in his back if I got something to say it upfront I love to learn new things and I'm open for every kind of experience ( as long as it a good one ) people can offer me and I'm also willing to share good things with people around me.


Hope you enjoyed reading.




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