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accepted Kevin's join request.

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  • Nickname / Location / Personal info:
    My name is Kevin and I am a 16-year-old guy from Békéscsaba, Hungary. I like to play football with my friends. Besides MTA, I play with some games for instance; Fifa.
  • Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details:
    I started playing with MTA in 2015 which means I have been playing this game for approximately 4 years.. When I started to take my first steps, I was searching for random servers until I found ffs gaming server, where everything started. The first game-mode that drew my attention was Shooter, but, as time passed, I was losing interest in that game-mode which made me took a break for a brief period. After some months, I got down into the business and a friend of mine invited me to play in FFS, where I found a new game-mode called Deathmatch, which caught my attention so hard that made me play it until present days.

  • Clans you have been part of:
    Nothing To Lose 
    Small Hustlers Crew
    Iron Will
    Unstopabble Fighters Force
    The Favoured Few

  • Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing:
    I’d like to join your community because I have some friends here. Nitrous Racing has always been a strong team and recently keeps improving. I always wanted to be part of it. I have also distinguished how friendly the team members are and that is what I am waiting for. I was searching for a clan where I can get new experiences and where I can learn new things. I think the atmosphere is good and calm, and it looks like a place I could fit in. As I can see this clan is one of the most active clan in MTA right now and I'd like to meet new people in MTA.

  • How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing? 
    I can be useful in DM clanwars because my hunter's skills are not bad, and I think I can be a reserve in OS clanwars. I consider myself as an experienced player who always tries to make a minimal amount of mistakes. I try to be kind, consistent and approachable. I am also really calm, I tend not to become mad quite often.

  • Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team:
    I don't have any extra but I was DM/WFF manager in some clans so if is it needed I can manage the clanwar team.

  • Additional Information:
    If you want to ask something you can text me on discord Kevin1337#4911 or under of the theard, thanks for reading.

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