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accepted Hozwks Join Request

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• Nickname / Location / Personal info:

My nickname is Hozwks, I live in Peru and I am 19 years old and there isn't much to tell really.

• Tell us about your MTA:SA career In details:

Honestly there is not much to tell, I do not remember the exact year in which I started my career in this game ... since I started I have been playing in really small servers and made many friendships and I learned a little Portuguese thanks to that and recently I'm focusing on DM and WFF to be leaving my mark on this wonderful game.

• Clans you have been part of:

LxG// Latins Xtreme Gammers

St. Saints

-sK- Skilled Gaming

/AiR\ Awesome in Races

UP| Unlimited Power

[INT] International Team

[FoXX] Force out Xtreme

• Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing:

Because I like the talent they have in both DM and WFF, I would sincerely like to be a part because I know they will exploit me to the fullest and I will improve too much in this clan

• How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?

I always like to give my best in every event or war of clans that occurs, I also do not like to lose .. maybe it will help you in some other clan war

• Do you have any extra abilltles and how could you them In our team:

The truth is that not so many, only that I will always help in what is within my reach

• Additional Information:

Discord: Hozwks#9997

Excuse me if my union request is somewhat short ^^

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good luck bro❤️

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2 hours ago, ^1080p// said:

good luck bro❤️

callate mono feo de mierda asqueroso culiao

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no thanks.

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: )

Edited by Facuuzz
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Buena suerte feo❤️

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