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    @Francis# decided to re-open his Join Request. Good luck!
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My real name is Lupulescu Raul Ionut,but in-game people knows me as Dove.I'm 22 years old. I live in a small beautiful city (in the north part of Romania) called Targu-Jiu (also known as Brancusi's city) I'm studying in Timisoara so I'm currently living there.I'm studying electrical engineering and it's my fourth year, also the last. I love cars. At the moment, I own an Audi A4 2008, 2.0 TDCI ( it had 174 hp when I bought it, but now it has 251hp ). A short while ago ( on 28th of January ), I had a car accident, fortunately I am fine & the only broken things on the car were the frontal spoiler, the light on the left side, the windscreen, and the hood, which I fixed in a few days. I'll keep this Audi untill the next year or this summer, and after that I'll get a VW Scirocco 2012, BMW E92 Coupe 2013, BMW M3 2015, BMW GTRS3 or a Subaru NRZ 2010 - note that I'm driving only manual gears, somehow I don't like the automatic ones. My life is - simple. I grew up without a mother & my father works as a truck driver. He comes home once at 8 weeks, and he's free for 3. A thing I hate about myself is that I get mad easily. I am calm but whenever you make me mad, it won't end nicely. I got no girlfriend unfortunately, my last girlfriend had to move to France with her family. New school, new home, and so on. I don't have that many friends, actually I got my own small group of friends. But we love, help & defend each other - that's enough for me. Music is a part of my life too. I've learnt piano long time ago, but after 4 years I gave up - I know, it might sound a bit stupid, but I just don't like it that much anymore. I started to learn how to play on guitar in the last September, it's going pretty well, but it's a bit harder than the piano. I'm listening to music most of my time, doesn't matter what kind of music it is ( dubstep, rock, rap, pop, drum and bass, and many many more styles ). Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: Well , I’m playing MTA since winter of 2013 , maybe earlier . I’ve started playing on a roleplay server where I couldn’t do many things , so I was searching for other servers. My first DM/DD ’’tangent’’ was in summer of 2013 , when I discovered two great servers with OS and DD maps called GTA.RU and Ownage Owls. Didn’t know a lot of things about DM but I used to play more , spending my whole free time there ( more than 6 hours per day I think ) to gain experience and become better and better , breaking my limits. After many attempts , I finally joined ownage owls , my first clan and I was so happy and excited because I’ve unlocked a first achievement for my future MTA career . I was so happy and excited for it, but I was very disappointed about the whole clan’s behavior and their laziness when we were talking about the future of the clan and improving our team , so I decided to leave them after few months there . Wasn’t surprised when I heard that the clan closed 1 week after I left. Then I took a break for almost a year , because MTA started to be boring without playing in a great place. When I came back to MTA , I found two great servers : FFS and TG , where I made many new friends . After few months , I joined MvP which was my first great clan in my opinion where I really enjoyed playing MTA there and I gained a lot of Deathmatch experience , teamwork experience and improved my english knowledge because of talking english with the members every day. Then I joined 05/ , where I met a lot of great players . There I started playing clanwars and really know what a competition means. One month later , MvP was back and 05/ merged with them . As I expected , it got closed again after one month . Few months later , I saw that Jil created a clan called FaZe and I joined it , because there were a lot of my old friends so I decided to join it. My journey ended so fast there , because everyone decided to leave and the clan closed really fast. Then I joined Savage’s Kingdom , a clan which closed so fast , like at two weeks after I’ve joined. I saw that Geass And Hyperion created a clan called bro , and I really wanted to join it because a lot of great and skilled people were there . This was my best clan , I considered it as my second family . I got inactive due to real life problems and the clan got closed before I come back. I joined few small clans after my experience in bro clan ( like VIP , but wont tell more about it , obviously I left because of Dogzone’s behavior ), but the biggest clan I’ve joined after is FoXX . So far it was a nice experience to be there , I made myself many new great friends but in the recent past , few things weren’t going so good , so I decided to leave it.My last experience was Zenosyne . It was a great time with those guys , but since the clan started to be inactive , I decided to leave because I wanted to find a family where I can enjoy playing. My last experience before I had to left MTA because university was Seventh Miracle, such a great clan with cool members where I enjoyed playing, but as I said, I had to leave MTA for studying. I was inactive for few months, but now I'm back. During my MTA career, I've been in few clans. >VIP< - Very Important Players #MvP! - Most Valuable Players 05// - Omnidirectional Five 'SK// - Savage's Kingdom bro - The Brotherhood FoXX - Force Out Xtreme #Z - Zenosyne 7m - Seventh Miracle Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I'd like to join Nitrous Racing because it's such a great clan with cool and skilled members and I think MTA won't be boring with you. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: Well, I can't be useful in many things however I will be doing my best to make Nitrous Racing even better.Starting off with CWs - I am not the best player yet I guess I will be doing fine soon due to the fact that I am going to be serious and try to improve my skills at the best of my abilities, of course with your help and support.Furthermore, I will be trying to bring up some fresh and unique ideas for the team. With this I mean, when you need me you'll find me there giving my best. Long story short; I will give my all to this team. Thank you for taking your time to read this ! Hope you enjoyed.