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    Nitrous Racing Recruitment #4 [13/07/2019] Leavings @Lukaculz has left the team. @Sunset has left the team. @sYKu has left the team. @xMoN has left the team. @adeliveR has left the team. Trial Recruitment @Mazda has been accepted as a Trial.
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    Hello everyone! Here we're again playing against one of the best shooter team that has been around for a quite long time, known as The Crew, yet we as always will try our best to win this match and also gain more wins for our streak! Nevertheless we wish you all the luck! Let it be a fair and enjoyable match for both sides. Live stream will be provided onto our discord server. Clanwar Informations Type: Shooter Jump Date: Sunday, 14.07.2019 Time: 00:00 Central European Time. Server: xN# Nitrous Racing SH Clanwar Server Players: 3v3 (3 Reserves) Maps: 5 for each team Rounds: 20 Nitrous Racing (xN#) Players: - xN#TurBo - xN#Lord141 - xN#iProShoOT Reserves: - Everyone from the team Maps: - Tobster - Kamikaze - Tobster - Kamikaze - Tobster - Kamikaze - Tobster - Kamikaze - Tobster - Kamikaze The Crew ('TC|) Players: - 'TC|Pedrin - 'TC|Energy - 'TC|LuuKas Reserves: - Everyone from the team. Maps: - Tobster - The Castle - Tobster - The Castle - Tobster - The Castle - Tobster - The Castle - Tobster - The Castle Rules: 1. Only the players which are listed on the players list provided with the clan war request are allowed to play. 2. Picked maps must be played with infernus only. 3. Map duration is 5 minutes long. 4. Maps must be playable without any bugs or special modifications (preferably well-known maps by both teams). 5. Using VPN or any other program that may affect the gameplay and give an advantage towards others is prohibited. 6. Any kind of insulting, flaming or spamming in the main chat is strictly forbidden. 7. The clan with last surviving player gets the point. 8. In case of a draw, each clan picks one map. 9. In case of map time running out before one team dies, we redo the map. 10. In case a player timing out during the map, we will continue playing. 11. In case of camping, participant will be blown up and possibly eliminated without the possibility of replacing him. 12. In case of someone's ping is jumping too much we will replace the lagging player with reserve. 13. Ground kills are allowed in jump clan wars. 14. Ping above your country's average limit is not allowed. 15. The minimum FPS is 30 and the maximum is 50. 16. Ping: maximum of 350.
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    Hello once again! The clanwar has ended in favor of The Crew with the score of 9:11. One of the best clanwars we had, tough and hard one and it wasn't expected at all, we surely enjoyed playing against you guys and we wish to see more clanwars from you! Special thanks to The Crew for playing this clanwar and Tobster for refereeing this match.
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My nickname is FranK. I'm from israel. And I'm 20 years old. And you can contact me in discord: FranK!#8682 I like to spend my free time on MTA and mapping. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I have been playing MTA since the middle of 2013. My partner invited me to manage an Israeli community with him. And at 2014 we decided to close the community, and to play at Counter-Strike 1.6. Then he back to MTA and he found a server called FFS-Gaming, he invited me to try. Currently, I play most of the time in both DM OS and Hunter. And at 2018, I started mapping. and I made few maps in OS arena. The official clans I was in before: Xtreme Racers zCool - Member (left) Mafioso Auto Drivers - Member (left) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I'm looking for a serious clan and I think this is the right place. I saw that there are professional and mature players. I want to take part with your os squad and to meet whole of the clan, and contribute as much as I can. I think I'm ready to join a legendary clan like this! What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I'm a good hunter and os player. I hope to participate in os tournaments with you as a group. I'm mature, responsible and Faithful to my partners. I dont have a job right now so I have full time to be active, and effective. Thanks for reading, FranK!