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    Bonjour! Here we are after a certain amount of time with the enormous news about the current situation of the team and our plans for the future. I will be bringing you through a brief of our changes and achievements throughout the past few months, therefore I would like to announce that we are working on a server that is the main reason why we will stop upon posting news in a short period of time who only mention roster changes and make a Membership Changes thread where you can stay tuned. Future news may also imply changes in our team but they are mainly about development information. Hope you guys enjoy that and get ready to be amazed. Tournaments & Clan Wars After many wins we managed to get home in L7 WFF we faced a loss. Unfortunately, that didn't happen only once and we feel sorry to let that happen. Unexpectedly, the team we mentioned in the previous news managed to beat us in a score of 68:72, well done Unstoppable Fighters. This was surely a nice game without any fights or complaints where you managed to prove your strength. Moving on to L7 DM, one of our recent games ended up getting cancelled as the team we played against had a player that abused his ping. However, everything is good now and we don't encounter any problems against that team anymore. Eh, after facing another sorowful lose, we had to face another one against Unlimited Power, where the match started great in our favour, but our teamwork went down the hill and they managed to get a sick comeback over us and win in a score of 7:6. As expected after many loses we managed to wake up and dominate in the next game, so did we? Yes, we did. We managed to beat The Favoured Few in a score of 11:2. This season was surely not the best on for us, but as I have said numerously times before, we learn from our mistakes and we strive for perfectness, therefore we will always improve! Clan Roster Updates That's what we all have been waiting for right, or most of us just skipped all that and went straight to the roster changes as expected. Due to hard work and effort we have been putting recently in our team I would like to congratulate the following members for successfully passing their trial period. @FranK! @Allcapone @Spectrum @Blaze @Eleven However, this time we come up with a lot of new members, as our team has decided to expand our horizons. Please join me in welcoming.. @EM1N3M @Chaos @Luminaire @ShaoliN @DeLeTe @#SherazPapi @Dove @Dredd @PacT @Vitalic @TurBo As a team grows, It becomes more difficult to gauge performance of each individual team member because managers don't have as much personal contact. This leaves managers susceptible to biases that can drive away some of their best talent. Therefore I am here to promote the several members to the positions they surely deserved. @ShankZ - Leader @yani - Co-Leader @ZJK - Developer @xMoN - CW Manager And unfortunately the following members have left the team. @ZooMy @Sheldon (As to ZooMy, due to the fact he decided to retire, he is always able to rejoin our team, just contact us buddy.) Thank you for your effort and positivity throughout the period of time you have been helping inside the clan. Development After many months of huge nil in our development we finally stepped on our foot and jumped into the deep. Our current Web Developer is doing a great job by changing the forum theme to a more eye catching one fully designed by him. As I mentioned a bit earlier, we accepted Luminaire who will be working on a server. Also all people who donated before the server has officially launched will have their rank and they will be awarded for supporting the community in future. Most likely they will be to receive a badge for donating before the server is up, but also some cash in game which will surely imply on their gameplay. Ending Thank you for reading, make sure you stay tuned for the next news as they will be even better, I promise. Any feedback will be appreciated. More information about the clan or any updates before next news are being posted on our twitter or discord channel. I am pretty aware of that the news are not the best, but still It is my second try so far and I am trying to become better. I hope that they were completely information about our aims at this point and how we are progressing day by day just so we can see our lovely community remain happy as It should be. Once again thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed It.
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My real name is Szymon (Simon in English). My nickname in game is sYKu. Im 18 y/o. I live in Poland in a tiny town called Brzeg. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: My story began in the late 2012's when I started to play the MTA. Prior to playing games in SA:MP not liked it there but then a friend told me just the MTA. At the beginning I played on servers Role Play and RPG. I've played long enough on those servers. More than two years spent on such servers, and then became interested me more DayZ servers, and there I met a very nice team with whom I played well the good old times. It was only later I started to play on servers such as entertainment. Twisted Gamers it was my first server I played very often Shooter was really good I could have been something else a little skill. I joined clans section where the shooter had just played there a little clanwars. Then I liked the DM, but still started the game on the Polish server called Całkowicie Polski Server DM/DD/Shooter abbreviated CPS. I played there with my brother Flash. For a long time I learned the game there, it was hard to wean from Shooters. My first maps were really Old School maps. I played there for over a year. No later I learned mapping was very difficult for me to master it until I published my first map is called ''sYKu Vol.1 - Dreamer Skyland!''. Then I became interested clans joined SoR! Squad of Revolution, along with my colleague Damian had a nickname. I was there very briefly because SoR! It was closed. Then my friend told me to AquiL clan RoH// Riders of Heart there already joined in 2014 together with my brother Flash. There began my first clanwars, then even I could not even play Hunters but then gained experience and I've played her I was in the first team at DM. After a month I got a Co-Leader in the clan. I was very happy that I could manage as if clan. I really liked it but in February 2015 I left the clan with my brother. We played a while without any tags. Suddenly he noticed a clan called the eP! Elite Players, we are very curious. We just had very good players. So we started playing on their server, and after a few weeks we made there join request. We waited a month to receive up surprised us and we got there. Elite Players had a very good Multigamemode server we had a lot of players that we loved. We sat there for a long time. Until September eP! closed where my career has developed I played better and better. I was really a good player, going through difficult maps and where I learned to play jointly. It is a pity that it closed but it happens. Mystic my friend after a few weeks, he said to me with a request to lead the clan with him, so I agreed. Clan called EsR! Empire Street Riders was the reactivation of the clan after a few years. But then we changed its name to Eccentrics Street Racers because we were having a war with #ER| Empire Riders they did not agree with the name of our old, our whole team was banned on the server. But we made up somehow recently left the EsR! and the next day Mystic clan closed and ended the story. I lost a lot of clanwars, gained good results with their teams to a recall. Well, but now I'm here and I'm writing to you my request for admission. Then I joined to Xtreme pro Racers. In this team I developed my skills the most. I have been motivated there for a long time and trained to various, strong clanwars. I remember these memories were one the best in this nicely family. Later I got a suggestion from my old friend about the reactivation of a clan together from scratch with a new team. I wondered for a long time, but I left with |-XpR-| and after some time the Elite Players were exultationed again. You can quote a saying like ''return to old garbage''. Martis had commanded the clan for a long time. I played there one of the best clanwars I have ever played. However, time was over, eP! burned out.. this beautiful, amazing era has ended. After thinking for a moment I applied to Sixth Sense and it was a great challenge for me. However, I got in. That was a good pleased to be one member in this huge community. I played there for around 7 months, the atmosphere was nice, although it wasnt a place for me, I think. Later, however, I joined the Seventh Miracle where there was a pleasant atmosphere. After a long time spent there, I decided that I would leave them, I didn't feel well there. I needed something better and fresh for my eyes, so that's why I'm here in this community right now. Vamos! Clans you have been part of: ✔ SoR! Squad of Revolution, Left ✔ RoH// Riders of Heart, Left ✔ eP! Elite Players, Closed ✔ EsR! Eccentrics Street Racers, Left ✔ |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers, Left ✔ eP! Elite Players, Closed ✔ |6s Sixth Sense, Left ✔ 7m Seventh Miracle, Left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing?: I would like to join you because I have a lot of friends here. You have a decent, strong and harmonious team in the DM section as well as in the WFF section. I have been interested in Nitrous Racing for some time and I find that this is a good place for me. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?: I'm willing happy to help you represent as DM/WFF player in upcoming clan wars. For sure I will try to do the best results for the team and give a good performance. I have experience in organizing various events/clanwars in this I could also help you. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team?: I'm experienced in MTA and my person has many functions (DM/Hunter player, WFF player, Manager of clanwars, Mapper.) Additional Information: skype: SyKu018i email: SyKu018i@gmail.com Warmest Greetings, Simon
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Sunset, Montevideo Uruguay, 21 y/o. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: Hard to go into many details but I will try to give some insight. Started back in 2010 in a couple of, by the date, small-ish yet known servers such as Xtreme 5 and BOSS Destruction Derby, the latter being the place where I learned the basics of DM, Hunter, racing amongst the rest of base gamemodes as well as meeting some of the friends I cherish the most out of my whole time in MTA. After BOSS’ shut down, it was quite tough finding a place to play regularly and, in fact, I never did find a similar place to stay at all which resulted in myself wandering servers and different communities for many years, joining a few teams in the process seeking to improve my skillset as much as I could. As time went by I definitely improved in many aspects yet the game was just not as fun as in the beginning so I took eventual breaks here and there for months or even a year at a certain period. It wasn’t until I came back from one of these long breaks (just for some reference, end of 2015 more or less) I’d find myself making one of, if not the best decision I could’ve made in this game; a good old friend invited me to join this small server owned by a group of well-known faces of mine from the BOSS days which eventually led me to join their clan after a couple of days, Nitrous Racing. Needless to say, joining xN was a before and after for me, many things happened so fast within 2 years it’d probably take some sort of an essay to gather them all at once (not quite as much yet somewhere close, that’s for sure) so I’d rather not extend myself as much. At first we were pretty much just a bunch of latin jerks minding their own business and wasting some of our time in our small server, sooner than later I found myself surrounded by a lovely group of individuals from all around the world as well as one of the strongest DM/Hunter squads out there, eventually reaching out new horizons - correct me if I’m wrong here - with the very first WFF clanwars to be held outside of DDC community; being ‘proud’ of the rock-solid community we were building together was just not enough of a word to describe my feelings about it, especially considering the many notorious flaws and difficulties we had. As time kept going it was clear I wasn’t enjoying the game as much as in the past, later it became clear I wouldn’t be able to afford myself the time to play as much either way so I went inactive for months, showing up in-game sporadically which made me took some distance off the team; by the start of 2018 things were smooth sailing for us so retiring wasn’t as hard a decision as I expected it to be, hence decided to step aside from the team. Clans you have been part of: Putting them all together would be a mistake from my side as there’s only been one of them I can say with property I’ve been part of, Nitrous Racing. xN# (2015-2018) I could also name a few where I did spend some decent amount of time and I consider my time there was worth it: |X5| (2010) |ePic! (2012) -ftw- (2012) -Pink- (2013) |Tsw| (x2) (2011, 2013) The rest is just not worth the mention or I just simply do not recall. Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Let’s keep this one straight to the point: I miss you all, a lot. I miss being there for you whenever you need help or advice of any kind, I miss being there giving a helping hand in clanwars / tournaments when things aren’t going as smooth as expected; I want you to succeed because you guys are selfless, authentic, self-made unlike many communities out there fueled by egos and, last but not least, the most precious thing this game gave to me by far. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  Most of you already know me so you can tell better than I do that the main asset I’m fueled of is being a friend and a helping hand at any time, quite bold to say it myself but I feel that’s what I’ve always done better during my whole stay here. I can also consider myself a loyal teammate, a decent organizer, with the right motivation and training I can as well be a solid DM / Hunter player although I enjoy watching you play rather than playing myself nowadays. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: Yes, I’m pretty decent as an HTML/CSS web designer, experienced with raw css, bootstrap, sass mainly, so I’d be more than glad to help here and there with the forum or anything related. Additional Information: Positiv: Hermano estabamos entrenando Futbol y en una de esas ocasiones deje de marcar al oponente porque estaba asi muy alterado y el individuo llega y me empuja, por consiguiente le digo que te ocurre buen hombre y me dice ya basta que te esta pasando y me comete agresion fisica y de ahi me levanto muy enojado para atacarlo potencialmente xN#SHNKZ: botond in spanish is tecla
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hey Guys my name is Kuba im 17 years old and im living in the Poland, in the city called Wroclaw. Im on the 2nd year in high school and im studying there as hotelier. My passions or hobbys are football, formula 1, e-sport in games like (Counter Strike, League of Legends). It always was my dream to become an professional player. Also in free time i like to study I.T programming, learning HTML, im not good at that but its always cool to make something without any help. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: My Career had Ups and Downs but it started 9 years ago when i was a 8 year boy that on food could say poop. It all started on the Drifting or RPG Server (i dont remember). These gamemodes brought love to MTA for me. Drifting with friends was always fun, lets say in 2008 everyone wanted to be like Paul Walker or Vin Diesel because their movies were most popular. That feeling when you were able to drive their cars was awesome. After 1 year i found a DM server called pS that was an Polish team called Polish Squad. I've played there for few months but people were making fun of me because was young. After that ive made a 1 or 2 year break, cameback to MTA when i had 11 years and found legendary server called PPC Polish PrO Clan. I've came to the server as newbie, noone knew something about me but the skill was still with me, passing maps like hit em up in these times was really hard. I've joined to the uG clan or rather team and after that i tried my best to join to the PPC. Luckily they accepted me, i was so happy but i wasnt there for long time because after 2 weeks i got a kick because there was a rule to not abuse rights, and one of the members did it. I told about that to the leaders but they decided to kick me (idk why). After that i changed my server to the -RB- RedBull server. it was an popular "Intercontinental" server, the leaders of team were from Poland and i really liked to spent my time there. After 5th join Request they accepted me into their squad but as previously i was there for short time, after 1 month i failed my trial and decided to change the server. After That my DM Career started to grow up from European servers i changed them to Arabic servers, and my journey started on DP Server, a team called Double Power. I was happy to play there because my favourite mapper was a member of that Team, his name was AbodyRulez. When i wrote join request to that team unfortunately he left the team and probably joined ffs. They accepted me after 1st try and u cant imagine how happy i was. But sadly the team changed everything to arabic letters so i couldnt understand about what was everything, even forum was changed to arabic. I decided to leave it and move on. My another team in 2012 was TS Twin Stars. I supported them because my friend was leading it (Vento) and for me that team was the strongest one in 2012. They had a really strong team and that was a dream to be inside of them. I tried if i can join them and luckily they took me. When i had my 1st clanwar it was awesome feeling to play vs legendary team VIP with such a dream squad : Uns,Neson,Darking,Simas,Astat and as reserve me. After few months sadly it got closed and i had to find another team. After that i started to play on TFF and that server was most popular in DM (not including ffs but i never liked to play there). TFF had many clans inside of server and the first one which i liked was -ftw- leaded by Lordekk, he took me to the team but as previously it got closed. Another team that i've joined was EfE# Eye for an Eye leaded by Shockwave, i was really happy inside of the team atmosphere was great and members aswell, we won many clanwars also my hunter career started there. I decided to leave it to join a Polish Team called EsR Empire Street Riders, got invited by Syku, after a few months ive got into arguments with the leader mystic and i decided to leave it. After it i started to play on SHC server and i made jr to their team because i really liked members inside of it. They took my after 1st try and if not Tomba, that was against every team in the game i would stay there but i had to leave it after 5 months. After all i saw that eP team is back and i started to support them, after 1 month i decided to make join request. After 4 months i got declined but i didnt give up and i made a new one join request. With second try they took me to the team and i was there for 6 months we won teams like 6s,xpr and it was really my best time in career. Sadly something happened inside and i didnt feel the same as before, i decided to leave it and after 1 month team got closed. After that i joined to ffs and was there for 7 months but i had many argues with the team, Ronaldo wasnt a cool guy and tried to make everyone against me. After that i joined xN but wasnt there for long time cuz i had some vision to open own team.. decided to leave xN after 1 month and opened Uff. Was there for 7 months but after problems in real life we decided to close it. After Closing it ive got invited to the Foxx Team i joined them but i made the decision too hastilly and i didnt feel really good in their team Clans you have been part of: PPC- Polish PrO Team (Member/Kicked) RB- Red Bull (Trial Failed) DP- Double Power (Member) TS- Twin Stars (Member) ftw- for the win (Member) EfE- Eye for an Eye (Member) EsR- Empire Street Riders (Member) SHC- Small Hustlers Team. (Member) eP- Elite Players (Member, Community Leader) ffs- for fuck sake (Member, DM Leader) xN- Nitrous Racing (Member) Uff.- Unstoppable Fighters Force (Leader) Foxx- Force Out Xtreme (Trial) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I've always been on good relations with xN members,leaders. They always supported me in matches or with my career decisions. Even when i joined ffs they didnt like it but still they were motivating me to work hardly for them. When i joined there for 1st time i felt like im in good family but i decided to make something own. That was the time when i tried to try something own and nothing couldnt stop me. Now i want to comeback because i dont see any clan in mta that can be a good home for me. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  Im an DM/WFF/DD Player so i might be helpfull in clanwars, but also im capable of leading the squad in games. Also i can help with News Thread because when im free i like to write it. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: Not really if managing websites is an extra ability then for sure i can do that. Additional Information: If you want to ask me about something goon lets smash all the uncertainty.
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hello there, what can I tell you now? Well, my name is Pierre, I'm 22 years old and I come from germany (near of Hannover). As you can see my nickname is Kingpierre. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: Honestly, I forgot so much haha, but I started at first on a server called ''Jebiga Gaming'', it was just a fun clan and I tried to get better and better. After some time I found a server called ''Visual Gaming'', I joined the clan and I met there [T]riX, he was a really good player and one of my best friends in the whole MTA community. [T]riX was like my idol in mta, sounds strange, but he was showing me how to map. After another time, Squad of Revlotion opened and I tried my luck there, I got declined at first, but ''SharpiX'' invited some good players and I was in the list, so I got the chance. Squad of Revolution was a clan which opened and closed everytime, so I decided to make a little fusion with /TfF\, everyone of SoR! was okay with it same for TfF and every ''old'' player of SoR! joined TfF. The Favoured Few was my first real clan, but I got bored of mta so I left the community at first. Some time later I came back and tried to join Eye for an Eye, it was a great clan, but I wanted to create something new with my friends, so I created a clan called ''Most valuable Players''. Most valuable Players was such a great clan, I've learned a lot there, we had a lot of members and we were like a real family, sadly #MvP! died, because the most members lost the interest in it to play mta (except some people like our shooter clan). MadniX and me decided to close #MvP! and I tried my luck in The Crew Gaming, well I just got accepted at the first time, I dont really remember what happened there, I just know that I wanted to be a part of Project Beast. As I said ''I wanted to be a part of Project Beast'', so I talked to Vishal and he said I've a chance to join them. Project Beast was a really nice clan, I had a cool time there, but as you can see Project Beast is down, I wanted to help them in designing stuff, but some of the development team left like ''Plasma and Didier'', so I helped Sniper to create a new ''GUI'' for FFS Gaming. I joined FFS Gaming actually as ''Designer'', LuXorioN was the scripter who was working with me on the scripts, he left ffs and no one of the other developers was interested in it to re-design the whole FFS script (except PLASMA and Micra). Now I was like 8 months inactive and I retired at first (as you can see in the ffs memberlist). I want to be useful in a team for helping in clanwars and designing stuff, thats why I'm here! Clans you have been part of?: vG| - Visual Gaming // Clan Member SoR! - Squad of Revoltuion // Clan Leader /TfF\ - The Favoured Few // Map Uploader EfE# - Eye for an Eye #MvP! - Most valuable Players // Founder (UI/UX Designer) TC| - The Crew Gaming // Clan Member B# - Project Beast // Clan Member -ffs- - For Fuck Sake // Clan Member (UI/UX Designer) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing?: I would like to join Nitrous Racing, because you're an active and mature clan. The other thing is I'm actually cool with the most guys there and I'm able to help you in designing stuff. As I said ''I'm able to help you in designing stuff'', that means I'm not just ready for it, I would like to do it! Some of you know that I'm actually good in ''nolifer'' maps and hunter, so I want to support you guys also in clanwars. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing? As I told you before, I'm able to help you in designing stuff especially ''UI/UX''. Honestly, I'm sometimes bored of it to design, I mean I'm working as tutor, from time to time is my head full of garbage, because of my ''students''. Some of you guys already saw my designs and the most of them said that I'm a clean designer and that motivates me to work on new designs. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team?: I'm not sure about that, maybe I got some other skills, but they're are not intended for MTA. Additional Information: @Lukaculz is a legend and I hope you like my join request, if you got any questions feel free to pm me via discord ''xKingpierre#4528''. My best map so far (like over 4 years old, still enjoyable I guess) Cheers, Kingpierre | Pierre💞
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My real name is Guy, nickname DeLeTe and I'm living in Israel. I'm 18 years old, likes to have silly conversations along with serious ones. I work out four times a week (two times cardio, in a pre-army training and two times at the gym). Playing computer games was a crucial part of my life ever since I was a little boy. As time went by, I learned to manufacture decent skills in the designing form. I can design, direct videos (along with sort of animations), build landing pages and even websites et cetera. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: My most significant parts of my MTA career are divided into three steps. Starting with the beginning, which contains everything a beginning contains. Opening with my first days, when I was spending time into random servers, while associating with new people from my location (Israel), such as LookaT (Dor), Rampage (Michael), and Mighty (Or). Moving through step number two, which is the mediocre one. It contains memberships and a leadership role onto several clans such as old eP, 6s, and FoXX where I learned more about myself and managed to improve my overall personality. Also, I managed to become a professional mapper due to help I received here and there from significant others. Finishing up with the last stage of my MTA career which is depending on the very present and based mostly on the fulfillment of my Mapping career, and my time in servers for the purpose of having fun. I was in. Skilled Gaming - 2013 - Member - Closed Latin Xtreme Gamers - 2013 - Member - Left Xtreme Pro Racers - 2013-2014 - Member - Left Elite Players - 2014, 2016 - Member - Left Project Epic Gaming - 2014 - Leader - Closed The Favored Few - 2015 - Team Manager - Left Sixth Sense - 2017-2018 - Member - Left Force Out Xtreme - 2018-2019 - Leader - Left The Crew - 2019 - Trial - Left. Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing. To be honest, the desire of joining you started very late. For a long time, I had mixed feelings about xN. I used to despise the clan for a while due to ex-members' actions, which I find nowadays quite forgivable. I lived in the past for quite a while when it comes to xN, and I think it's time to move on. I've noticed that a lot of my friends recently joined hence by I'm willing to spend my time with them. Not to mention, I apply with my fellas so I'm sure being in a funny place which resembles me good FoXX times, is a pleasure. xN is more fun than most clans. For what I have experienced, FoXX had the best impact on my MTA career and I met friends for life (they know who they are). I hope xN is the same goofy team I fell in love with. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you. The first thing I can offer is my foolishness. I consider myself as someone who can always cheer up via acting in a silly way. On behalf of that, I'm also a listener type. I know how to be a solid shoulder for everyone, instead of just talking out (which I find it, at least in real life, quite rare). In addition, I am able to support in a technical way. I have managed to design properly along with directing videos, which I think can be useful especially in a growing community, hence there might be a use for it too. Moreover, I'm a mapper. Quite experienced one I'd say. I have been a map-tester in 6s, perhaps there could be a use for it, Last but not least, I like to contribute. It could be identified as in taking parts in projects and developments, writing, providing tips, notions and much more. I like challenges and I'd definitely try to provide the best in every case I'd participate in.
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    ►Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Kirill, in-game known as Qashqai. I was born on June 4th, 2001 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. So, now I am 17 years old. I have a good family. My father is a fitter on the factory and my mother is a housewife. Both of them are understanding, kind and patient. They always support me and give me advises. Also, I have a younger sister. Her name is Anastasiya (Nastya if to make it short) and she is 4 years old ❤ When I was 3 years old I went to the kindergarten and attended special courses to get ready for school. At the age of 7, I went to school. I found it fascinating to study there. My favorite subjects are English, Computer Science and Chemistry. Currently, I am finishing 11th grade. This is my last year in school and I try to get on well in all the subjects because I want my school-leaving certificate to be with honors. Each person has his interests and hobbies. Well, as for me, I have 2 hobbies: They are - watching TV shows, films and listening to music. Sometimes I make mixes and once I made my own music. I also had been going to the gym for 9 months until I went to the village for summer. My favorite movies are blockbusters and horrors. I think it is necessary to have a hobby. Your free time is not wasted. It is important to have friends. My friend's name is Andrei. He is 17 years old and he's Korean. It’s not easy to meet a true and faithful friend. I am happy that I have got Andrei. I trust him and I’m sure that I can rely on him in any situations. He is the only person, except my parents, who I can ask for help and advice in unhappy moments of my life and I can tell him all my problems. He never lets people down. I think our friendship makes me feel confident, share feelings and opinions to each other. What about my character, I think I am a good-humoured, very responsible, polite and friendly, but lazy af person. And I have to admit, I often get mad lately. This happens because of some personal reasons..I like creativity and appreciate it in others. I don't like to lie. I prefer to associate with clever and polite people. I try to treat other people so as I want them to treat me. Anyway, I hope that one day I will be a successful person. ►Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: Well, I started to play MTA more than 3 years ago, in the end of 2015, on some zombie servers. Some months later I found FFS Gaming server. At the start I was playing DM OS, but I quickly got bored with it and then I found "Shooter" mode and I liked it! For a year or so, I've been in many clans inside FFS (Mission-Explosion, Fantastic Crew, Fucking Haters, Eye for an eye), but I only spectated cws and couldn't improve myself there. And then I tried my luck and made a join request to one of the best shooter clans in the MTA community - Most_Damnation and, huh, at 01-01-2018 I got accepted as trial member! I was very happy! I've been in this clan for 6 months, great times... And 3 or 4 months later, I got promoted to CW Manager and it was an honor for me. I think, I did my best for clan. In this clan I met a lot of good friends with whom I still treat and this clan helped me to realize who I really am. So...at 17-05-2018 I became Junior Of Shooter on FFS' server(Yes, almost 1 year ago xd). I was happy af! It was a big and the best achievement in my "career". And actually, it still is. Since then, I try to improve shooter arena, punish rule breakers and I've got a lot of experience in managing Shooter. Well, after some time I wanted to try something new and so, I decided to make a join request to an official clan. So...at 12-09-2018 I got accepted to The Crew as trial member! This clan showed me that MTA isn't only FFS server but actually is a great community with great people. There are a lot of good and bad clans outside FFS. It was like a new game for me. For all the time when I've been in this clan, I've known a lot of new things, got more experience in some shooter aspects, like cws, refereeing. And of course, I met a lot of great people there. I had perfect times there... I'm really thankful for everything these clans gave me because I am who I am now. ►Clans you have been part of: Most_Damnation - CW Manager - Left - inactivity was getting bigger and members were leaving. The Crew Gaming - Member - left - inactivity was getting bigger and members were leaving. ►Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Friendship is the most important thing in life because we can easily share our sorrows and happiness with our close friends. In the friendship we can learn a lot of things in our life. It isn’t easy to find faithful and caring friends though. We can meet many people who will pretend to be our friends, but after all the true friends don’t leave or betray. As you understood, I want to join Nitrous Racing because of my friends. They were telling only good things about this clan all the time and I decided to make a join request. I wouldn't say I have a lot of friends there, but I love them. They are really cool guys. We always have fun together and talk about everything. Well, you know, we even have some personal secrets. And of course, I want to meet new people there. Nitrous Racing seems to be a nice clan with great members and family atmosphere. I would like to be a part of it. ►How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing? Well, I think I'd be useful in every thing related to shooter, like clan wars, managing shooter team and etc, because, as I said above, I've got a lot of experience in shooter. ►Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: Umh...I'd say that I'm good at DM OS so I can help you in cws, if needed. ►Additional Information: Big thanks to @Mousy for such a cool design! Discord: Qashqai#3325 Skype: oryakin781
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My nickname is BLTZ, sometimes I might be seen as Teodor. I am 19 years old and I am situated in Razgrad - Bulgaria. I am a really friendly, mature and a funny person. I enjoy going out with friends and spending my time in different adventures. I am currently in last year of high school and I am working as a bartender in a few famous Bulgarian restaurants. In my free time I like playing games. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: I started playing MTA in 2010. The first server I experienced was DDC Night with a few friends of mine. A while later they left but I continued playing Deathmatch only.I was gathering experience and like a year later I decided to try my luck in joining FOTL. I got accepted and I enjoyed staying there for over a year but then I decided to take a break for around 5-6 months. When I came back I started exploring the TG Community where I met lots of friends, even old from DDC. However, I moved on to FFS, but not for a while as I met my old friend Siisti in there who told me about ER. I joined there to play with him and some other people. A while later I decided to found my own team - SoA. It was great for a while, but I had no experience as a leader so I closed the team. After that I got invited to join few other teams and I accepted and I regret. After a while of being clanless I decided to try to join SHC. I got accepted, but the leaders actions lead to half of the team leaving. Right after that Every invited me to join his team UP, and I accepted. Unfortunately after a great time he decided to close It down and I joined Saints Gaming. However a month later Every invited me again to join UP as he had just reopened It and of course I accepted as I was hyped a lot about that clan. I did well and Every trusted me a lot so he promoted me to a CW Manager. After 4 months I left as I lost motivation and as I was about to leave MTA, Flip invited me to join tff. I was in there for 3 to 4 months as I left due to the huge inactivity of the clan. I decided to stay clanless for nearly half a year but then Every asked me to join UP again and I accepted. I was in UP for 2 months and then I retired. Clans you have been part of: [FOTL] - Firestarters of the Land SHC// - Small Hustlers Crew UP| - Unlimited Power St. - Saints Gaming /TfF\ - The Favoured Few Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Nitrous Racing has surely been around for ages and that can not be unnoticed. It is a team that has won many clanwars, tournaments and peoples hearts. Lots of people are visiting the community everyday and we can see the improvement everyday as you are surely working hard. It is also growing as a family in my eyes and I think that I will fit in there. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing? I don't think I would help in anything different but clanwars, forum and team management. I take all the responsibilities whilst applying to the team with my will to have the opportunity to wear your tag and represent the clan in a various of ways. I would join not only to help the team in clanwars and leave in the first moment available when I am able to join a better team, but stay and try to improve my personality as well. I have said it before and I would like to repeat myself again, If I join I will not leave. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: I can't do anything special like mapping, coding or creating stuff. I think that I am a really positive person which sometimes gets misunderstood with asslicking or people get annoyed by that, but I think It is a positive thing to have as I hate having enemies. Everyone is a friend of mine and I care for each one individually. Additional Information: Skype: teodor.todorov95 Discord: BLTZ#1864 Facebook: Teodor Todorov Instagram: teodortodorovv BLTZ#
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hello!! My name is Márk Pápay and my in-game nick is TRIPL3X. Im 18 years old boy which lives in small village called Chrastné (Near big City : Košice) Slovakia. At the moment im studying on high school at 4th grade. My school is about Graphic , Design. In my free time im playing games on computer(Counter Strike Global Offensive,H1Z1,Fortnite). At winter time i love to play ice hockey , since i played it when i was 12 years old. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: Well everything started at 2008. For first time i played on SMT where i meet many nowadays famous players. At this moment my Career started like an DM Player. I joined EMP. Of course everything went well but all the time someone broke the community and Nobody needed to Close it. Sad moments but never be disappointed. After 2 months when i played on SMT/ffs i met HTC. He asked me if i want to join his Team (PiA). After some months we closed. Later QlimaX came with idea. (DG) I will make a team and you will join it. I said : "Okay, but i want to play CW´s". He said : "Don´t worry". We played against TfF , ffs. Pretty close games, but i was felling for first time that im important. After few months i was accepted into WFF squad in TC.. I played with them L7 OS and 1 match of L7 Tour 15 if im Right.. I had perfect time with this team and also i got experience of WFF.. After 4 months i found Project Beast and joined them and played for them L7 Tour 16.. Also here i gained some experience from WFF..After some necceseary i left.. I was clanless for 2 months.. I found 7m which i joined.. Best team i’ve ever been in. Learnt there a lot of from more experienced people.After successful 6 months i left them due some problems. After i left 7m , I was thinking about leaving this game since i didn´t have any hope at it.. Madlife recommended me to talk with d1kuba about Uff which i joined.. At Uff i tried my best.. I tried to create good team for WFF and also for DM.We managed to get into L7 and also into L7DM where our journey started! My dream came true, i got promoted after few months to Co-Leader.. We did well , but after some necessaries i ended my journey at this team and now im trying to join xN(still im in love with my old teammates and im sorry if i hurt you right now because i left you.. ♥) Clans you have been part of: (Im not gonna mention all the teams in which i were since i play this game for 11 years). Emp| / Elite Master Players PiA| / Pro´s In Action -DG| / Divinity Gamers VIP / Very Important Players TC| / The Crew B# / Project Beast 7m / Seventh Miracle Uff / Unstoppable Fighters Force Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: From the first time when i´ve been talking with members from xN i had a lot of fun. I was really enjoying every conversation with all of you. Sometimes we went trought bad times but sometimes we passed the bad times and we are gucchit now. I would like to settle in this team , since im having a lot of fun with you. Also i would like to fill the parts at which im bad, so you are the option to get me on a better level. Yeah, maybe im having bad past, but im trying to improve in some stuff , which you will see slowly after few weeks If im gonna be able to play matches, i will try my best to get the victory every single match! How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  Actually you should choose me because i have a lot of experience with WFF/DM Matches.. Im experienced person which can prove that on up-coming matches and tournaments.. I can finish maps with/without cuts when it´s needed.. Also the hard ones too. You can also choose me , because im Graphic Designer, so i can help you with what ever it´s needed. Also i can help you manage with stuff with which you will need some help. I regret that i closed my JR before when i was really close to getting in! :c Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: As i mentioned above im experienced graphic designer. I can edit videos, photos, create some graphic stuff. Also i can manage websites and a bit script on mta. Additional Information: Skype: bishucsgo@gmail.com Facebook : Mark Papay Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/id/triplexko11/ Instagram : @lilmayek
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info My nickname is ZJK, Im 20 years old and I am actually living in France. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of I was first playing on SA:MP on fun/derby servers then I've moved from SA:MP to MTA in the beginning of 2012, and immediately started playing on a known DM/OS server called Fellow Team/GMC. I improved my skills over the months and then I could join the server's clan (Fellow Team) where I could play my first clanwars. Over the years, I wanted to get some new experiences, here are all the clan I joined until now: |FT| Fellow Team (Member) EsR! Empire street Riders (Webmaster) EfE# Eye for an Eye (Member) fH| From Hell (Member) #MvP! Most valuable Players (Co-Leading) >VIP< Very Important Players (Co-Leading) |-nTL-| Nothing to Lose (Webmaster) [FoXX] Force Out Xtreme (Leader) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing I've been in FoXX for two good years now, but it has sadly being going down over the years. xN has always been a clan I admired, I played many clanwars against the clan so I know how known and good it is. There is also many good guys I know there so I would like to give it a try! What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you I might not be a special weapon for WFF, but I am a good HDM player. I can also be useful with web-managing by my experience, especially with IPS Systems. Thank you for reading.
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    Introduction Hello! Another time has passed by since our previous news. We hope that you all had a precious Christmas & New Year and at least one unforgettable moment. We have a lot of news to share with you today, sit down, get comfy and ready to be amazed. As always we have prepared the best so our community feels like you are home. Clanwars & Success By the last few months we managed to gain a lot of wins and loses. I can say that we really did well against the noble clan Seventh Miracle 7m. We can't ignore the fact that the team was well prepared and surely deserved the win of 77-63 in their favor. As a first game for a few months to now, It wasn't easy, but I believe we could do better. After that we decided to test ourselves in another WFF Clan war against Xtreme pro Racers |-XpR-| finishing with a score of 71-69 for us. We surely felt happier after such a hard win. Xtreme pro Racers is a well known clan of It's comebacks and surely good players, but we have also proven our state in the competition. Starting a New Year with a nice clan war against the new team on the scene - Unstoppable Fighters Uff. We cannot ignore the fact that this upcoming team is also good, even thought It is a few months old. They are trying hard to achieve the best and be in the top scene and they surely have a chance to be. The clan war between us ended with a score of 72-68 in our favor. These men are really strong, but we are also! Finishing the year and Starting a New one with a win in two clan wars versus two of the top teams was surely a nice way to prove Nitrous Racing's strength and wildness. Roster Changes As time passes by, we face more and more difficulties. This time we had to experience a huge loss in our family. A few of our most honorable members decided to leave us. All of these members have contributed a lot towards our community and we really appreciate It. Please good bye... @Sixiz He was supportive and hard-working, he really helped the clan as a Clan War Manager, his leaving is a shame and we'll learn from our mistakes (hehe @Adidas). We really hope he finds a place where he can develop his skills as a player and organizer, which he should be. @Gteatero Probably the funniest guy we have ever had, he always remained loyal to his beliefs and fought for them, even with us. He made xN a better place just by being part of it with his awesome personality and his will to help everyone. We respect his reasons for leaving and we're already taking decisions in order to improve on those fields - We'd love to see him spreading positivity and memes in another clan and we hope he never changes. Here, In Nitrous Racing we hope to achieve the best and don't repeat any mistakes we have done in the past. Therefore, we decided to take a few new members to suit our team. After a really hard vote with many expectations and aspects please warmly welcome... @Blaze343 @ZooMy @Allcapone @FranK! @Spectrum Last but not least, due to hard work on duty and great performance on tournaments we have finally decided to promote the following members.. @Asency - Full Member @Lukaculz - Full Member @Shael - Full Member @ceaN - Full Member @Nissan - Community Manager @VonKasty - Clan War Manager @ShankZ - Clan War Manager The Nitrous Racing Team would like to thank everyone and wish a good luck on the newcomers, you deserved It! Social Media and Information As most of you have already seen, we are currently working hard on boosting our activity, therefore we decided to create a new Discord Server and a Twitter Page where we will be posting a lot of useful information regarding clan wars, events and upcoming tournaments. That is It for todays news, we hope that we managed to grab your interest into our upcoming sneaky leaks. If you have feedback or comments, you can as always leave it down below and share your opinion on our development so far with us. The Nitrous Racing Team wishes you a nice day and as always, thank you for reading this!
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hey! My name is Filip , ingame known as AGERX and i'm 18 years old. I live in small city called Chodzież in Poland. Tell us about your MTA career in details: My career started around 2011 when I discovered MTA. At the beginning i was playing on Dayz servers which were popular those days. Few months later I found server called MIKI where i meet few awesome Friends. I started to play shooter since it looks fun for me. Than I joined clan where i met Pixel that introduced me to DM. After 8 months i was searching for DM server with Polish community. I found PPS where i was playing until it went down. After it i had break because i was bored of MTA. More than 1 year later i came back and i found server called Treningowy Polski Server where i met Luminaire, Shael, Shaolin, Syku and more. In this time i joined CPP where i played my first clanwar. Sadly we lost it 9-11. After TPS was closed I moved to ER where i first heard of xN. In late 2017 I moved to TfF where i was playing. In this time i was invited to Prime Now by my good friend Seeky. After 2 months I've seen lack of activity so i left. When Vultaic started TfF lost on popularity so i moved to FFS server where in late 2018 I was invited to International Team. That was a place where i met awesome people like Alpist, Joulex, Finn and others. Later we qualified to L7 and got invited to SHC Tournament. Both of this Tournaments were succesed for me until the match against ffs where i found that most of our squad were unmotivated to play or didnt have enough time to train or participate in events. I also didnt have enough of time to participate in L7 against xN and Uff. Clans you have been part of: Prime Now! (pN#) - Left International Team ([INT]) - Left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I've been interested in xN since long time. I have some familiar faces here that I have know for long time and also would like to met some new ones. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?: I would like to participate in WFF events/clanwars and represent Nitrous Racing as good as possible. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: I'm quite experienced as WFF player, also want to try my best with 3D modeling. Additional Information: Discord: AGERX#7191
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    Nitrous Racing Recruitment #1 [30/04/2019] Trial Recruitment @sYKu has been accepted as a Trial. @Sunset has been accepted as a Trial. @TRIPL3X has been accepted as a Trial. @Lord141 has been promoted to Trial. Member Promotions @ryderawr has been promoted to a Full Member. @DeLeTe has been promoted to a Full Member. @TurBo has been promoted to a Full Member. @ShaoliN has been promoted to a Full Member. @PacT has been promoted to a Full Member. @#SherazPapi has been promoted to a Full Member. @Vitalic has been promoted to a Full Member. @Chaos has been promoted to a Full Member. @Dredd has been promoted to a Full Member. @EM1N3M has been promoted to a Full Member. @Dove has been promoted to a Full Member. @Gery! has been promoted to a Full Member. Congratulations!
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Konrad, in game I am known as Roachy. I am a 21 year old guy from Poland, currently living in Norway, near Drammen. In the free time I like to hang out with friends and play computer games, mostly MTA. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: My career started back in 2013 on SMT DD server. I was playing there until the server got updated, then it lost its players. After that happened I started to play on some polish DD servers and kept joining teams. Eventually, after like a year and a half I got bored of DD gamemode and started playing DM. In 2015, if I remember well, I decided to stop playing on polish servers and move on. The first one was PiA, still to date I think it was the best server to play on. After it unfortunately died, I moved to Small Hustlers Crew (SHC) server. I wrote a join request and I got accepted. I really liked to be in part of that family and I gained much experience. Sadly, after like six months, I have left the team to try something new and joined No Fucking Way (nFw) with Endzel and Streetch as the leaders. I have been there for 2 months and the clan got closed. After some months I decided to join vovo's new project called Victorious Eight (v8). We had good members right there, we've actually won the only played cw against fH. Some time later I got promoted to leader but I had to leave due to my inactivity. After that, I was clanless for like 2 years and eventually left DM for 6 months. I started to play DD again, but didn't feel as comfortable as I did in 2013. I got back to DM and joined to Unstoppable Fighters Force but not so long ago it got closed. Clans I have been in: SHC// Small Hustlers Crew - left x2 -nFw- No Fucking Way - closed v8. Victorious Eight - left Uff. Unstoppable Fighters Force - closed Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing? Nitrous Racing seems to be a fun place to be and the atmosphere is really cool. You, as the team, are very competetive in the clanwars. I would also like to learn new things of the gameplay. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  I am a friendly guy and an active player, and I could represent the team in positive ways. I could also help in some clan wars if needed. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team? I find myself as a decent and active player and with some training with you I could help you at clan wars.
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    Before I start, I know most of you will consider me a clanhopper, maybe even worse; I hope you'll understand that I didn't feel comfortable when I had a JR here and I dealt with problems with some members/Exmembers what led me to close my JR. I also basically copied my old JR because every information is here.. Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hello, my real name is Adam, ingame ryder. I'm 19 years old, turning 20 in 2 months, currently living in Šurany, Slovakia, but throughout the week I'm living in Bratislava, and I will be home only at the weekends. Speaking about Bratislava, this school year I have started studying on the best University in Slovakia, Slovak Technical University in the already mentioned city, Bratislava. I'm studying Telecommunication and Programming. My hobby was football, I was playing it for 13 years but I gave up after this season in May, simply because I didn't enjoy it anymore and I had a serious back injury. Apart from that, I like to waste time on my computer, laptop or just simply hang out with friends. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I have started playing MTA in 2010 on a server called [GoD]. I didn't enjoy playing it so I left but I came back in 2011 and I've started to play on ~AG~, a clan which I joined later on. In the same year I found out -ffs- server and started to play there aswell. In the meantime, AG got closed and I spent all of my time on -ffs-. In 2014 a VIP member (from the first Dogzones VIP) came on a server and called me to play on VIP, I liked it and made a JR and got accepted. Sadly I left for a fight with dogzone. In the middle of 2016, I tried my luck in SoR and I got accepted on the first try. It was the first bigger clan I joined and a big achievement in this game. I left once for a big fight with vondusky and eyecatcher but we got good later and I joined it back. After like a month, SHARPIX decided to close it for no reason. I stayed clanless until the MTA World Cup 2016 ended and I decided to make a JR for TfF and I got accepted. It was my best time in a clan, I got more famous in clanwars and I grew up as a person and as a player here. I have left TfF because of internal problems. I went to make a JR to xN after that, I got accepted but I left it for not fitting in and because I was a piece of insulting shit. The next clan I've been in was Seventh Miracle which I left because of some silly problems. I was clanless for a while and I decided to try to join project Beast (B#), where I got the CW manager rank and handled pretty much every clanwar on my own. I became alot better in every aspect of the game, I enjoyed that clan even tho everyone talked shit on it, the atmosphere was awesome, we were an amazing team. I was in B# since January, left because I had enough of VISHALs non-respect and trashtalking towards my person. Then I went to TfF because of DRiVeR and vondusky but both of them left and the clan wasn't really alive and I discovered some shit happening inside. I pursued my dream of building my own DM team in Uff, I got some people there and it was going well , we almost won vs -ffs- but I gave up because of the immaturity of one unnamed leader; I did not enjoy getting insulted behind my back by a leader every day. tl;dr ~AG~ (2011) - My first clan in MTA, it got closed. >VIP< (2014)- Left after a small fight with dogzone. SoR! (2016)- closed /TfF\ (september 2016- may 2017)- Left due to internal problems with some members. xN# (mid 2017) - Left because I raged alot and disturbed the clan in CWs 7M (don't remember exactly)- Left B# (january 2018-september 2018) - Left, it was slowly dying /TfF\ (september 2018-december2018) - left, didn't feel comfortable Uff. (decemner2018-march2019) - left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I simply love xN since the first time I was here, you're all cool to hang out with and I like most of you, and with some others I might have had some problems but I'm on my way to change that. I always enjoyed those whatsapp conversations with everyone, xN is more than a team. I really want to find a clan where I will settle atleast like in B#, I don't want to leave anymore, if I get in I want to stay and still keep on improving, fighting and right now I think this is the best place for that. I chose xN because I believe I have a lot to prove here, other than being the typical RYDER with the worst behaviour. I want to help in every aspect I can and I will always do my best. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I was a stupid spoiled kid when I left, I disturbed the clan with my actions and behaviour and I want to apologize here to those that I yet didn't, I was a bad kid, not saying I have changed but I am trying to become a better person and started to become friends with people I insulted before. I suppose I am a decent WFF player, I improved alot in this gamemode and I also consider myself as a really useful DM/hunter player. I can offer my skillset and then I am pretty good at organizing stuff and taking care of team, as I've been a DM manager in TfF and B. thanks for reading alot I appreciate and I can answer any questions; https://steamcommunity.com/id/definitelynotryder/ RYDER#9582
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Ticián, I'm currently 15 years old. I'm from Hungary. I'm studying in high school, in grade 9. I'm trying to get the waiter profession. I'm actually a calm person. Most of the time I'm confident with my decisions, and I've got lot of ambition. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I started playing MTA when I was 12, like 3 years ago. I started on a Hungarian RP server with my ex-classmate. There we had a lot of fun, I played like 8 hrs a day on that server even if I had school. After that server I joined to a Hungarian DM/DD server. Here firstly I prefered DD, but those guys who played there they mostly played DM maps, so I kinda started to play DM there. After a little period, I realised that I'm getting better and better in that gamemode, and It's not even so bad like I thought, so I started to play DM. I met my best friend there, he tought me how to play DM, how to rotate your car, how to control it, those basic things, so I'm very thankful to him. I play with him today too, and I say that he is one of my best friends. One time he just threw it up to me, why wouldn't we search for an other DM server where more players are, so we just wrote in the MTA server search "DM". FFS did pop up there, so we joined the server, played as guest at the beginning, and joined DM arena. I litellary died there first, so I tried OldSchool, thinking: "maybe it is easier", so I started to play there. I mostly liked razor maps, because those were very easy for me. I tried all gamemodes after this. I tried trials one time, and I really liked it, so I played there a bit, but I got bored there, so I went back to OS. Since than I mostly play this gamemode. My previous clans: Xtreme Racers zCool (Member) Iron Will (Member) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I want to join Nitrous Racing because this clan's performance on events are pretty good, and I want to be part of this success. I actually heard about that you want to open an OldSchool squad, so I want to be part of it. As I know I'm not very known in your community, but I'm trying to make friendships constatly with your clan members. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I've got enough experience at OS arena to participate on OS events/clanwars. Besides that I used to map for a half year, but I stopped it recently. I don't have much maps, like 3-4 only. Thanks for reading my short join request. I got permission to use the same text as before. Regards, Vitalic
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hey,my name is Oliwer,ingame known as SHLN/ShaoliN, I am 18 years old and I was born in Poland but currently I live in Geldern which is located in NRW in Germany.In my free time I like to play computer games,spend time with my friends and also with my family.People would like describe me as a freindly,helpful, honest and also funny guy. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I started playing MTA with my friend Mateusz "M@T!" back in 2010 at a DM/DD server called "Fuck You" where I lerned the basics of the gamemode DM.After 2 years the server was closed due lack of players on the server.After that my friend and I joined a server called "Toxic".I sped there a lot of time meeting new great players like Jekorgi,SpeedDemonz and many others.Also in this time my friend told me about server called FFS Gaming and I was impressed how many gamemodes we have in MTA. In 2014 I had to stop playing MTA because my parents decided to move to Germany.So I had 1 year break.I came back in 2015 and I found new server called "Treningowy Polski Serwer-TPS" and also in this time my friend Jekorgi decided to open a clan called "fE-fast Eagles".I had to try my luck,so I wrote a JR and I got accepted.After few months Jekorgi has to close the clan because some players left and some was innactive.It was my first "proffesional" clan and it was a great time for me.After some months my friend NArxs told me about clan called "v8-Victorious Eight" which was lead by vovo'.I tried my luck there and I got accepted without writing JR.After 3/4 months vovo' decided to close the clan because many players left and he also decided to leave MTA for a while.In v8 i meet many people like ViskuZ,Bart,Roachy,Rhae and some other.In summer 2016 I decided to make new clan with Narxs called "KoR-Kingdom of Raiders" I must say that was a bad idea because I had to close clan after 1 month.The reason was that noone was really interested in this clan.So after that I joined server called ER#.I played there for fun till January 2017.My friend MoN told me about clan called "xN-Nitrous Racing".So I decided to try my luck and i got accepted again.I was in xN for about 8 months and I had there good time.But sadly I left due my innactivity and due some problems of myslef.I really regret leaving xN back then i wasnt that much mature and i realize it after 1/2 weeks that i lost my family cuz of my stupidy.After that my friend invite me to a clan called "7m-Seventh Miracle" but after 1 month I decided to left because I didn't feel good there and also I was innactive.After that I had 3 months brake,but in January 2018 I came back.I tried to join TC and i get in! I stayed for ofer 9months (2months testing period) and i left The Crew on 19.03.2019.I can honestly say that first 4 months in tc were very nice and i really enjoyed the atmosphere here,but since TK and CresPro left i didnt felt comfortable at all.The other thing is that you know guys that im everytime honest and i say everything what i have on my mind but sadly you cant even speak with your leaders in TC.Theyre instantly joking around and they simple dont care about other members.I rejoined after a kick because my friends (Luminaire,Chaos,Delete) got in and i wanted to stay with them in TC.But since we left L7 and SackOne the only one dude who cared about our "DM Squad" we had enough of it.Now im trying my luck here and i guess its will be my last clan forever.Here i can see my real friends a leadership who cares about you and allways tries to help each other in many situation. fE-3/4 months-closed v8-3/4 months-closed KoR-1 month-closed xN-8 months-left 7m-1 month-left TC-9 months-kicked/left (contact me on pw for more information about it) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I would like to join xN because i fell a empty space since i left xN.This clan is the only one i want to be and only one who can improve me as a player and also as a person.I just want to have a good time with you guys and to do many maaany thing but togheter What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I can help you with WFF/DM clan wars.Also I think that I am pretty good and during CW I am very calm and motivated in things i do. Also i want to join xN because I want to imporve myself day by day so i can be useful to you guys.Also some friends of mine are there. Thanks for reading my JR and i wish you a wonderful day :-) I will add my discord just in case someone wants to contact me :p Discord: ShaoliN#9716
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hi! My name is Michał (ingame Luminaire) and I am 16 years old. I live in small city called Chełm in Poland. I'm loyal and friendly guy that wants to be a programmer in the future. In free-time I spend a lot of time in front of computer. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: My career started almost 8 years ago in 2011. At the beginning I was playing on Drift servers. Few months later, my old friend Zwinny introduced me into a Polish DM server. When I played there I learned how to control vehicles in the air and a lot more. One year later, I found clan called International Gaming (iG//). I played there for about a year. Then I decided to try other gamemode. So I found RP/RPG server called PYLife. The server was ok, but community was shitty. So I came back to DM. After few weeks I found clan called Xtreme Pro Clan (-XpC//). I wrote join request and I got accepted! Unfortunately, few weeks later clan has been closed. Some day when I was playing on TG server I saw clan called To Fuck Bosses (-TfB//). Community was really nice, so I decided to wrote join request and I got accepted again! In this clan I played my first clanwar against Realistic Skills (rS|) and we won 19-1. Few months later, the clan was dying, so Alw7sh decided to close it. Then 3 months later, I joined clan called Riders of Heart (-RoH//). I played a few clanwars and it has been closed. After being clanless for 2 years, I decided with couple of friends to open clan called Sanity (.s). We lost clanwar against Master Players (mP') and our clan has been closed. After that DLF opened a clan and invited me to Wanderers (W\*) and then he promoted me to Leader and Server Manager. We wanted to make an active clan with mature members. We left this project and we can only mention it now. Then I joined Nitrous Racing (xN#), where I learned a lot about WFF and DM. After that I joined The Favoured Few (/TfF\), where I improved my skills in Lua, and discovered how a real clan might look like. One month later, the clan started to die slowly, and after 5 months I decided to leave it. 2 months after applying to The Crew ('TC|), I got finally accepted, but in the next 3 weeks I lost all of my motivation that I gained in the past, so I decided to leave this clan with couple of friends. Previous clans: Xtreme Pro Clan (-XpC//) | Member | Closed To Fuck Bosses (-TfB//) | Member | Closed Riders of Heart (-RoH//) | Member | Closed Sanity (.s) | Leader | Closed Wanderers (W\*) | Leader & Server manager | Closed Nitrous Racing (xN#) | Leader & Head developer | Left The Favoured Few (/TfF\) | Developer | Left The Crew ('TC|) | Trial | Left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: The main reason why I want to rejoin Nitrous Racing is the family feeling, that I haven't experienced in my previous clans. I just didn't feel better anywhere than here. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I could be useful as a streamer or Lua/Web developer, since I have a lot of knowledge in that. Like I mentioned above, I'm friendly and loyal guy, so I won't disappoint you.
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My nickname is Shacle, real name is Halil Aslantaş. I'm 21 years old and I live in Gaziantep/Turkey. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: I have started playing MTA on a random Turkish server in the year of 2009. After a while I heard about DM and it didn't take so much time for me to realise it's fun. After starting to play DM, I started to have a knowledge about mapping (my first map was a feat with Smile called "Definition Central"). These are not the everything about me, here is a chronology about my MTA career; (no dates because I can't remember properly, sorry about that) · Started playing MTA in 2009. · Started playing DM in a server called [TRF] which was a Turkish clan. · After 2 years, I have moved to |ED|. It was a well known and a strong clan. · When ED was closed, I have started to play in WTF's (What The Fuck) server. · Kept playing in WTF for almost a year and I had a chance to be a member of it. · Sadly, WTF was closed like any other clan and I joined pS (Pure Skillz). · Got kicked from pS after a month due to inactivity. (I had a mini break) · When I came back, SHC was also back and I tried my chance there, it resulted with a success. · After a year, I started to don't like SHC's atmosphere anymore and left it. · Had a long break for 2 years. · When I came back, I have been a member of some mini clans like Qz, Dws (had a fusion with Qz) · After a while, I got into a lovely clan called PiA (Pros in Action). · I had a great time in PiA with my friends but sadly it got closed due to some internal problems. · After that Ijoined MAD, I had to leave it because of inactivity of members but still the communication and friendship was very good there. · I joined The Favoured Few, I stayed there for three or four months I enjoyed there a lot but lost interest somehow, behaviour of members' and managers' started to irritate then I decided to leave. · We created a project with Mirage,CzerkA, & me plus the projects' leaders(Divi and some others) and stayed hidden until we managed to finish it then we went public under the name of Vultaic. It was going very well until some people in clan started to feel above than others like they are superior and eventually that made me get sick of it. So I decided to leave. Clans you have been part of: [TRF], |ED|, WTF//, SHC//, Emp|, ~pS|, |Dws|, PiA|, [MAD], /TfF\, V:: [FoXX] Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I want to be a part of xN# family because I couldn't manage to find the exact atmosphere I want in my previous clans.In addition, I have many friends there and I love their communication among themselves.I hope you guys give me a chance to be a part of your family as well. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  Well, I'm a friendly guy also you can call me skilled straight DM player. I can help you with DM CWs, I can train anytime If I'm asked to do so. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: I'm one of the oldest mappers of MTA currently. Even though I don't map anymore I can help with decorating or giving ideas for track.I can also help you at hunter CWs. Additional Information: You can contact me via Skype and Discord. Skype: shacle.turkish Discord: JuezRecoR#4078
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My nickname is Valentino which its my real name too, im 21 years old and im from Bahia Blanca a city from Argentina, I don’t know what else you would like to know about me Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I have been playing this game for almost 10 years so I have been part of too many clans, im just gonna name a few which I consider were the most important, first of all my first clan was in a rpg server this one was called as you may know Gold, it was most like a gang inside the server and it didn’t last long but I really like my time there, after the server was closed I joined BOSS clan server where I met most of my friends in this game and I learned about this new gamemode called DM with some strange and crazy races, I really like this and I have been playing this gamemode since then, after a few months playing that and a couple of bans in the server I joined my first “real” clan which was called CoB, a lot of you wont even know this clan since its too old, but it used to be the best latin clan with a lot of awesome players such as warlord, Belkin, dank and a lot more, after I left this clan I joined a couple more such as XrC, UpG and one of the most important in my opinion aR (Alien racers) where I ganed a lot of friends and learned a lot about this game, we won a lot of clan wars and got a really good reputation but sadly we had to close due to inactivity, after leaveing aR I left mta but came back in 2016 when I joined xN for the first time, we had a lot of great clan wars and there was the beginning of the building of what xN is now, just a few weeks after we “lost” against 6s for the second time I decided to leave due, but came back again a few months later where I was kicked, after that I joined a few clans such as MAD where I helped a bit in WFF and gained some skills in that type of clan wars then I decied to leave to join Zenosyne because I wanted to play some dm cws but sadly the clan died so I joined iw where I was kicked again because I left in the middle of a cw :D!, then impact invited me to join Ex where the atmosphere is nice but the clan is just too inactive, that’s all I guess. I hope this is enough, im not a good writer neither my English is the best, but I did the best I could. Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I guess this is my place to be in this game and I wanna try it once again, and play some cws ofcourse What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I used to be a great hunter player, I can get those skills back and help the clan, also I have been playing some wff cws where I became an atleast decent player so I guess I can help there too
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My nickname is BLTZ, sometimes I might be seen as Teodor. I am 19 years old and I am situated in Razgrad - Bulgaria. I am a really friendly, mature and a funny person. I enjoy going out with friends and spending my time in different adventures. I am currently in last year of high school and I am working as a bartender in a few famous Bulgarian restaurants. In my free time I like playing games. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I started playing MTA back in 2010 with a couple of friends in the DDC Night server. I have been playing there for several years finding new people and making new friends. Starting as a DeathMatch player I found the game really interesting at first look and I started gathering experience by time. Therefore, after 2 years I found myself as a new, skilled person who was ready to find challenges and compete with others. That gave me the motivation to join several teams where I and my teammates led our team to the victory and won a plenty of clanwars. [FOTL] - Firestarters of the Land SHC// - Small Hustlers Crew UP| - Unlimited Power St. - Saints Gaming /TfF\ - The Favoured Few Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I would like to join Nitrous Racing as It is a really big family, many players have told me that It is not what they expected and they felt really nice being inside the team. I was striving for a long time to find a place I would fit in and I think I have found it. In my opinion clanwar successes do not really matter, it is all about the family feeling inside the clan and how you guys have been strong through all moments. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I could help with the usual, contribute in clanwars, represent the clan in many other communities and help with the management. BLTZ#
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hola, my name is Lucas (EM1N3M in-game), I am 19 years old, I was born and raised in a city called Venado Tuerto, Argentina. I have been playing MTA since 2010. I spend most of my time practicing Taekwon-do (I’m red belt black stripe), going to the gym, studying, hanging out with my friends and of course playing MTA. I have two hobbies which I do not do frequently but I try to do them anyways, they are cyclism and meditation. I also like to have deep conversation topics with my related ones and meeting new places. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: It all started in 2011, I was playing Call of Duty 2 with some friends and they told me to download. I played in Yakuza’s zombie server (he’s one of the founders of Nitrous Racing) for 9 months or so. Then I found two DM servers called FasO and Revolución Mortal and that's how my DM career started. I played on several servers through the years [UpG, SHC, TG, FFS, xN, ER, Vultaic, etc.] and I learnt a lot of stuff. I had like 4 breaks in almost 8 years of playing MTA. -|RM|- (Revolución Mortal) (2011-2012) UpG (Universal Pro Gamers) (2013) SHC (Small Hustlers Crew) (joined at the beginning of 2015 ~ left at the end of 2015) TG (Twisted Gamers) (04/17/16 ~08/14/2016) xN (Nitrous Racing) (joined at the end of 2016 ~ end of 2018) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: MTA doesn't feel the same and I had already joined to this family before and I feel that it is the best place to be in MTA. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I can not contribute so much but I'd like another chance to spend quality time with you guys. Sorry for the lack of information but I guess that you don't need it. Grettings, Lucas.
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    First of all, we would like to say: Merry Christmas! It's that time of the year, when everyone and its families get together for this great and beautiful day. This year had a lot of surprises for us, lots of events have happened, new members, sad leavings, and more stuff. But well, let's start with the news! Main upgrades: With the leaving of our former members we had to do some changes, so, here they are: @SheldoN it's our new DD manager, congratulations! @Sixiz (me) has been promoted to CW Manager! Leavings: @naxo: One of our most important pieces for our matches and also for the leadership. More than that, he is our friend and brother, this community grew up with him and we will never forget what you have done for us all that time. Needless to say, if you someday want to come back you know that this is your home. Thank you for all the memories, we will never forget you. @Eyecatcher: One of our old friends, maybe it wasn't the goodbye that we expected but you still were sincere with your wishes and you told us everything. We wish you the best for the future, old friend. Last but not least: We would like to announce our new trials for the end of this year, here they are: @Asency @yani @Lukaculz Congratulations to everyone of you guys, we have high expectations for everyone of you, don't dissapoint us and do what you know best fellas! With this we conclude the final news of this year, Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone! Best wishes, Nitrous Racing Administration.