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  1. Fresh Meat, Leavings, Events, and Updates Introduction Hello, For the past 4 months we haven't had much news but today we are going to be glad to announce some of our greatest achievements in this post. We'll start off with the good things. Fresh Meat @19011324: A few months ago, we decided to invite him to take StailoK's spot as a web developer. @Sixiz: Early this year we decided to accept this guy, he has shown to be really kind and supportive. @ZNuke: This guy has just been accepted, his attitude really convinced us as votation's results showed, we expect to have him for a long while. Clanwars As for our clan war squads, although some important losses, we seem to be in our best moment, I'm glad to see our old squad shining and caring as they used to do. I won't write much about it, let me summarize it; We finished 2nd in L7 OS 's Tour 2 We won L7's midseason We defeated The Crew (DM) And we have been invited to participate in a DM league, won't really dig into this as I don't know if I'm allowed to say its details publicly, but we're expecting it to be great! Important Leavings We have never separated leavings like this, but I think these guys really deserve it. Each and every single one of their leavings hurt and hit us hard. @StailoKz: This guy had been around since the very beginning, in mid-2015 he collaborated with the creation of Nitrous Racing and then joined the clan to provide us with a forum, memes and an amazing friendship. This guy was great and we surely miss to have him around. Thanks for every single minute you spent working on our forum, helping in taking decisions and being such a good person. @Toby : He joined xN in early 2016, and since then he was an amazing, supportive person who never ceased to make us laugh and always providing his point of view, it's weird to not have him with us anymore and we can feel the empty place he has left in the clan, I kinda feel guilty for never really "paying" or recompensating him for how he was and how much he cared about us. @Sunset: This really hit me in my deepest feelings, he was invited to xN in late 2015 but he refused the offer and posted a beautiful JR instead, instantly showing the kind of person he was/is. He is the real MVP here, he was the one who started to create a competitive scene around us, the one who started to challenge good clans and took care of our first serious clan war squad, his work for xN is invaluable, not only in clan wars but as a leader and as a friend, his opinion was a must-hear for every single one of us since he always tried to bring the best for the clan. Without him, xN wouldn't be what it is now. We're all really thankful for everything he has done and sacrificed in order to get everything working and we will never forget him. Leavings We didn't even announce some of them when they joined, but there they go. @Every, @VonKasty, @Krlos#;), @DRiVeR, @crystal, @Shael Forum update. @19011324 has been working on it lately and we're proud to announce it's finally done excepting some clanwar results, thanks for your work. Hope you like it and feel free to share your thoughts about it! On Clan's behalf, Nitrous Racing leadership.