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  1. Eyecatcher

    Lukaculz Join Request

    thanks for ur answer papi
  2. Eyecatcher

    Lukaculz Join Request

    Hello Lukaculz! As you may know, this clan ain't a free entry, so we are very careful on who we pick haha. (sheldon shael kasty hehe xd) So please answer my following question . I remember that you said that you don't feel like you're a part of this clan anymore when you left and it ain't a family anymore. AFAIK . Why do you think that it changed? xN is basically the same shit, post disgusting pictures in the Whatsapp group, never train but still win. Do you think that you will feel comfortable in the old, same habitat that caused you to leave the previous time you were a part of us? Please think carefully and reply. -Roberto (u got my vote)
  3. Eyecatcher

    Lukaculz Join Request

    :()()()(:())(:()()() ok..
  4. Eyecatcher

    News #04: What's been going on?

    dead clan bye
  5. Eyecatcher

    ~Am10YaK's Join Request

  6. Eyecatcher

    SheldoN's Join Request

    I got to know you the first time around 2014 I believe, so I pretty much was able to watch you grow up as a 12 year kid until now in this game and I have to admit you matured a lot. The only thing that really bothers me is that I had so many conversations with you about joining a clan, posting a JR, cancelling it after a day, leaving MTA and coming back right after, re-posting the JR for a different clan..I think you get what I'm talking about. It seemed like such a waste of time to tell you the same stuff over and over again and in the end you decide to do something else anyway. I really hope you know what you want now and got your head clear, that's probably the last time you can prove that you grew up into a loyal and matured player (at least mature enough for xN lul) and that you're able to stay with a project longer than 3 months. cheers
  7. Eyecatcher

    Trw's Join Request

  8. Eyecatcher

    Shael's Come Back

  9. Eyecatcher

    The time has finallly come

    i thought this is a goodbye thread, nice bait. declined
  10. Eyecatcher

    Au revoir!

  11. Eyecatcher

    PoweR's Join Request

  12. Eyecatcher

    Lukita_ce is back :3

    give me a kid
  13. Eyecatcher

    D7OMEY's Join Request