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  1. Eyecatcher

    SheldoN's Join Request

    I got to know you the first time around 2014 I believe, so I pretty much was able to watch you grow up as a 12 year kid until now in this game and I have to admit you matured a lot. The only thing that really bothers me is that I had so many conversations with you about joining a clan, posting a JR, cancelling it after a day, leaving MTA and coming back right after, re-posting the JR for a different clan..I think you get what I'm talking about. It seemed like such a waste of time to tell you the same stuff over and over again and in the end you decide to do something else anyway. I really hope you know what you want now and got your head clear, that's probably the last time you can prove that you grew up into a loyal and matured player (at least mature enough for xN lul) and that you're able to stay with a project longer than 3 months. cheers
  2. Eyecatcher

    Trw's Join Request

  3. Eyecatcher

    Shael's Come Back

  4. Eyecatcher

    The time has finallly come

    i thought this is a goodbye thread, nice bait. declined
  5. Eyecatcher

    Au revoir!

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    PoweR's Join Request

  7. Eyecatcher

    Lukita_ce is back :3

    give me a kid
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    D7OMEY's Join Request