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  1. Chaos

    Sixiz Join Request #2

    Best of luck lindo
  2. Chaos

    Join Request

    " "
  3. Chaos

    Azula's Join Request

    Greetings, Azula. Great application overall, quite informative and simple, but since you've mentioned that you were or are a designer, it would be appreciated if you could show us some of your previous or current work.
  4. Chaos

    my name yani

    Shoes bigger than my future You also look like you are about to punch the guy who took that pic
  5. Chaos

    declined snackN's join request

    I get hard everytime I think of @ryderawr and @Dredd
  6. Chaos

    declined [SH] Vortex's Join Request#2

    Wtf is wrong with you shooter players these days XDDDD
  7. Chaos


  8. Chaos

    declined Kingpierre's Join Request

    Great application, but since you mentioned that you are a designer, I would appreciate it if you showed us some of your work. Some members might be familiar with your work, but I'm not.
  9. Chaos

    Show your car !

    Just took the picture.
  10. Chaos

    declined Qashqai's Join Request

    Couple of dick pics* Best of luck brother.
  11. Chaos

    declined Shacle's Attempt

    Glad to see you trying again. Best of luck.
  12. Chaos

    Show yourself!

    50 Shades of Adidas.
  13. Chaos

    declined [SH] Ramsis's Join Request

    After your previous reaction for getting denied from UP after Pavvlon got accepted within 2 minutes, it is quite hard to even take you in consideration. You stated that you are mature and respectful, but you did not show such behavior. And besides, you simply copied the application from UP, furthermore you did not put any kind of effort in it, which makes your position ever worst.
  14. Chaos

    jr Mousy's Join Request

    Clean and informative, my type of application. Best of luck, Stefan.