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    Nickname / Location / Personal information: My name is Blas Lescano, I live in Tucumán (Argentina). I'm 17 years old Tell us about you and your story in MTA / clans of which you have been a part: - Toco mta since 2012. In mta I played in several servers, but the best was ffs. I had a 2012 account, but I lost it, and now I have it since 2014 -In the clans that I was: UnstoppableTeam NewGenerationThePro Autobots Xtreme Project Global Alliance New style potential Why would you like to join Nitrous Racing: -I think xn is a good choice, because I have good relations with friends within the clan; game oldschool deathmatch, and alpha wff With what you can contribute / Why do you think we would accept you? -I'm friendly, good companion, good deathmatch player oldschool, I can help them if you ask me and I will do everything possible to achieve it.