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    PowerRulez's Join Request Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hello, community! My name is Guilherme Garcia, my current in-game nickname is PoweR and I am 19 years old. I was born at 22/05/1998 in a city located in the north region of Brazil called Vitoria, it is the capital city and second largest city of the state of Espirito Santo. I'm pretty happy for still living here, the atmosphere is really relaxing and all the places have their peculiarities and interesting stuff to do. Tell us about you and your history in MTA: The first time I was invited to play this game by some SA:MP/real life friends in the end of 2010 was certainly determinant to start my career as MTA:SA player, I thought it was supposed to be nothing more than another GTA:SA multiplayer platform, but I was quite wrong. I never thought it was possible to mix a lot of games just in San Andreas dimensions, I was pretty amazed with all that stuff, but the "crazy races" were the ones that struck me most and get me really addicted until nowadays. When I realized I could play everything that I ever dreamed even with my friends, I was pretty sure that I was in a perfect place.I tried to bring all the others SA:MP to play this game, almost all of them got amazed when checked all the possibilities which MTA:SA could bring to the players and immediately they started to get addicted to the game like me in a Brazilian server called Terra, which I had the opportunity to manage the SA:MP and MTA:SA server and meet the owners, who are truly amazing people , SA:MP and MTA:SA server and meet the owners, who are truly amazing people.As the time went by, I was getting interested in meeting and making new friendships and suddenly I started to join new servers and therefore, new clans. I've been in other clans with members exclusively from North America as -sK- and #BG! for a short period of time, but certainly important to improve my skills and also social side , I realized the importance of my English classes in school, which until then I did not even give any importance about. So, I started to find a way to learn the language by myself, as I'm still doing, and improve everyday with the help of some patient and attentive friends. With all the experience acquired with the international communities! clans you've been part of: NAMECLAN: Skilled Gaming TAG: -sK- PERIOD: 2012 NAMECLAN: Brothers Word TAG: [Bw] PERIOD: 2012 NAMECLAN: Skills Without Control TAG: SwC PERIOD: 2014 NAMECLAN: Black Gaming TAG: #BG! PERIOD: 2014-2016 NAMECLAN: Xtreme Pro Racers TAG: |-XpR-| PERIOD: 2016-2018 NAMECLAN: Force Out Xtreme TAG: [FoXX] PERIOD: 2018 Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I am expecting a serious clan, with communicative and friendly members, focused in creating an amazing community, which certainly will be one of the greatest ones in the whole MTA:SA without any doubt, taking care in managing all the problems ahead, especially when it comes to the server and forum. The main keywords which could be useful for a pleasant stay and outstanding convivence between the members are: determination, focus, patience, interactivity fellowship, teamwork, and obviously, those are my requirements. I'm expecting to get to know better the other members, make new friends and deepen the friendship with the ones I already know. And of course, chill with them, from the outside at least it seems the members are really chill and fun guys. To sum it all up, pretty much to have a good time. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: s I may imagine, you guys aren't waiting for more skilled players and interested only in playing clan wars and all that stuff, since the clan already including the best players in MTA:SA. Well, I could also help with that, but it's not my main goal, I'd like to manage some forum sections related to any subject, help the community to keep growing up through social medias, supporting the team all the time, wearing & honoring the tag everywhere I go. Ah, I know the basics of mapping also and , Help those who need some information, create a better connection between the players as best as possible and have a good relationship and I'm always improving my skills in wff, where is where I am comfortable playing. Additional information: I've tried to be brief as possible in all topics mentioned above. I hope my main aim has been reached successfully. Thanks goes to all those who supported me to write this join request and for keeping my dream more alive than ever! I want to feel it too! Faithfully, Guilherme ''PoweR'' Garcia