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  1. ArtiX

    declined Valentino's Join request

    Anda a cagar fracasado, no ganas ni 5 puntos en la wff. Good luck amigo ❤️
  2. ArtiX

    declined Shacle's Attempt

    Didn't know if you just copypaste your request or what, but we're not FoXX mate
  3. ArtiX

    Au revoir!

    Well bro, we both know how our friendship became stronger throughout the time, we met 2 years ago but we start to talk after that, you may remember those CS nights with Lukaculz, M4rc0s, Rab, Facuz sometimes, the gamersclub matches with all the crew, when i get angry af cuz i miss a shot or i get lag or when you said SOY UN ASCO BOLUDO, SOY MALISIMO, etc, our whatsapp conversations about life or just trivial things, in short, a lot of things that i'll miss from you (i know that all will), but i know that you won't leave this game for a long time (nobody can). I just want the best for you in your nearest future, in the university and with your girl, you're an amazing player, person and a better friend. See you soon ma boi ❤️
  4. ArtiX

    accepted Pitana is back!!!

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hello there, my name is Felipe (in-game my nick is ArtiX), i'm 18 years old and i live in Temuco, Chile. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I started to play this game 9 years ago in freeroam servers, then i've found DM gamemode and until today, that was my favourite gamemode in MTA, throughout the time i was part of clans like: XuG, LxG// -sK-, MvP#, /Tff\, EfE, Z# and xN. Usually i was referee in matches from tournies like the Tff World Cup (Arg vs Cz, Arg vs México JAJAJAJAJJAJA), -ffs- WFF and of course, i've refereed matches for clans (the most for xN team). Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Tbh i've missed you a lot, i said a lot of times that you're part of my life and even not being teammates you wouldn't stop being my family, i think that you get that point and you feel it too (isn't a 6noobs joke), i think that this could be my revenge and finally BE USEFUL HERE FFS. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I can't lie to you, i'm not a pro player, i usually play HDM (months ago), but i think that isn't necessary (right now), i'm not scripter or mapper (ik the basics but i've never made a own map), but as i always said, i'm good organizing stuffs, doing the ''formal'' work, taking stadistics, being a 007 (you know why) and being like the ''team psychologist'', i always have time for the ones who need someone that listen to them and give them advices or simply a nice word to make them feel better. Thanks for reading fellas, see you soon. Yours faithfully, Felipe.❤️