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  1. Sixiz

    Azooz's jr #2

    Please explain with more details your last situation with the Uff community, this could be the last chance that you have here so be very specific with that. Also, you could maybe try to apologize for re-open your jr for the 3rd time. You know my opinion about you, but the other guys don't think the same, prove that you deserve this chance. Good luck azoozinho.
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    Samu Join Request

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    Interesting, may the force be with you my friend. Good luck.
  4. Date & Time: Sunday 6th of January, 2019. 18:00 CET Type: WFF Server: Seventh Miracle Clanwar Server Maps: WFF 18 Maplist (list) Clan Website: - Nitrous Racing (xN#) Players: Everyone of the team. Unstoppable Fighters Force (Uff.) Players: Everyone of the team. Chat rules: - CW managers and Referees are the only ones who are allowed to speak in main chat. - Any kind of insulting, flaming or spamming in the main chat is strictly forbidden. - Keep the main chat as clean as possible. General rules: - Both teams are able to choose impartial referee(s). - Everyone from each clan is able to participate in a clan war. - If someone times out before the round starts, we restart the round. - If someone times out while the map is running, we continue playing. - If someone is lagging too much, a reserve player has to replace him. - If the ping of a player hits above 300 multiple times in a row, he is unable to play the CW until he gets his ping stable again. - Any kind of insulting, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute. CW players can't be punished without being warned. *In case the player keeps insulting, begging or flaming (e.g. nick changing), he will be banned from the server. - In case of a draw after the 20 rounds, CW managers will discuss it and decide if they want a draw or play additional round(s). - After the 10th round we are taking either 5 or 10 minutes break. - CW can't be cancelled two days before or later. WFF Rules: If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map. If someone times out while the map is running (if he is alive), we play further. In case of camping and/or shortcutting, participant will be blown up. Skipping vehiclechange pickups is not allowed. Skipping nitro/repair pickups is allowed. Doing roof parts as forward is allowed. Driving backward parts forward is allowed. Pressing the nos late is allowed. Doing the fast jump as much as you don't cut a big part is allowed. There are no hunter fights. Second offense to the rules will result in disqualification. Status: Ended Score: 72-68 WIN
  5. Sixiz

    Azooz's JR

    U have my blessing, good luck.
  6. Sixiz

    Azooz's JR

  7. Sixiz

    News #05: Merry Christmas!

    First of all, we would like to say: Merry Christmas! It's that time of the year, when everyone and its families get together for this great and beautiful day. This year had a lot of surprises for us, lots of events have happened, new members, sad leavings, and more stuff. But well, let's start with the news! Main upgrades: With the leaving of our former members we had to do some changes, so, here they are: @SheldoN it's our new DD manager, congratulations! @Sixiz (me) has been promoted to CW Manager! Leavings: @naxo: One of our most important pieces for our matches and also for the leadership. More than that, he is our friend and brother, this community grew up with him and we will never forget what you have done for us all that time. Needless to say, if you someday want to come back you know that this is your home. Thank you for all the memories, we will never forget you. @Eyecatcher: One of our old friends, maybe it wasn't the goodbye that we expected but you still were sincere with your wishes and you told us everything. We wish you the best for the future, old friend. Last but not least: We would like to announce our new trials for the end of this year, here they are: @Asency @yani @Lukaculz Congratulations to everyone of you guys, we have high expectations for everyone of you, don't dissapoint us and do what you know best fellas! With this we conclude the final news of this year, Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone! Best wishes, Nitrous Racing Administration.
  8. Sixiz

    Nissan's join request

  9. Sixiz

    Lukaculz Join Request

    xNLukaculz: noo profe no quiero hacer educacion fisica
  10. Sixiz

    News #04: What's been going on?

    Well, it's been a pretty long time since we posted a news topic, so, here we go! New boys in the family: We'd like to give the welcome to this people: @Positiv: One of our old members, very nice and awesome to have you back! @SheldoN: One hell of a skilled guy who can do everything, wee see you bro! @ceaN: An old player from this game and a guy who is full of surprises! @Shael: We decided to give him another chance, show us that you deserve it! Welcome guys, we have high expectations on everyone of you, it's time to prove why everyone of you was accepted! (also, to @Luka_ce, @Krazyand @ArtiX, they joined a lot before than this boys) Clanwars: After winning the last L7 tournament of WFF, we haven't found ourselves in the actual matches, but even with these problems we had overcome to this situations and everyday we are progressing with the teamwork and performances. L7 DM (13/11/2018): 4 wins - 2 Losses. L7 WFF (13/11/2018): 1 Win - 1 Tie - 3 Losses L7 OS (13/11/2018): 5 Wins - 0 Losses We'll find the rhythm and ourselves again, just a matter of time. Leavings: With the path of time we had some leavings in the community, here are some of them: @EM1N3M: Ex-Leader of this community, a loyal friend and a good teammate, it' was really hard to see you leaving because this clan grew with you, and also, for me personally, you were one of the reasons of why I joined this community. Always took care of his clanmates and friends, we really appreciate the time that you spent with us. We'll always miss you brother, we wish you the best! @Lukaculz: Another ex-leader of this community, even if he had his reasons it hurt when he left us, but we wish you the best for the future and everything. Other Leavings: @KenZo and @d1Kuba And that's all for now, see you in the next topic!
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    Hello guys

    ola y welcome
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    SheldoN's Join Request

    mmmm, this one is very tough. good luck amigo.
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    xN join request Blaze

    7id blaze