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  1. Sixiz

    SheldoN's Join Request

    mmmm, this one is very tough. good luck amigo.
  2. Sixiz

    xN join request Blaze

    7id blaze
  3. Sixiz

    Shael's Come Back

    OWO, good luck
  4. Sixiz

    Show yourself!

    here broooooooo
  5. Sixiz

    Show yourself!

    Hi all. I took a photo from me and i wanted to show who i am. Reply with your photo!
  6. Sixiz

    hola a todos

    como mierda este turco habla español sen en iyisisin aeron
  7. Sixiz

    General Discussion

    mira cabron esta bien que te guste la marihuana pero no tienes xq andar con una gorra diciendo q te gusta la marihuana, a mi por ejemplo me gusta la berga y no ando con una camiseta que diga que me gusta la berga jajdaj aj mmmmm se me ntoja una berga
  8. Sixiz

    Chryxz's Join Request

    mi parceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee good luck<3
  9. Sixiz

    Au revoir!

    I'm not crying, you're crying. =(
  10. Sixiz

    Pitana is back!!!

    i'm in love *-*
  11. Sixiz

    DD Championship: Bracket and Rules

    May the best win and good luck to every team here (especially our DD squad from xN <3)
  12. Sixiz

    Dybala's Join Request

  13. Sixiz

    Nitrous Racing: DD Championship

    Great, great great great. This is so good for our community, from the DM and WFF matches we are now including the DD matches, just amazing. Good luck to our DD squad and may the best win.
  14. Sixiz

    Bulla join request

  15. Sixiz

    hey all