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  1. Sixiz

    declined DAM Join Request

  2. Sixiz

    Inspra's Join Request

    XD inspra me boy
  3. Sixiz

    Fouad's join request.

    Good luck amigo, would like to see you here
  4. Sixiz

    canceled Closed

    te hiciste una cuenta solo pa comentar eso¿
  5. Sixiz

    accepted FernandinhO's Join Request

  6. Sixiz

    accepted Hayden's Join Request

    Te deseo la mejor suerte posible : ) Good luck hermano
  7. Sixiz

    accepted Vitalic's Join Request

  8. Sixiz

    canceled canceled

    Add more effort to your j.r., despite that, good luck.
  9. Sixiz

    News #08: From Old to Gold

    Times are changing, I remember the first day when I joined this community and I was in some way still a "newbie". Today I can look back and say that I do not regret nothing, all happens for something. I'm grateful for having this new rank as a Co-Leader, handling a community like this will be for sure a challenge for me, but I'm always up for this situations and I just can't say nothing else that I'm excited for the future. Congratulations for the new dogs, hope that you guys give all you have to offer! Also very sad for the leavings, good guys left us and they will always have a place in our hearts, we will never forget you guys!
  10. Sixiz

    Membership Changes

    Nitrous Racing Recruitment #6 [19/08/2019] Kicked Members & Demotions @Luka_ce has left the team. @Vitalic has left the team. @EM1N3M has left the team. Trial Recruitment @RedRulez has been accepted as a Trial.@K4K4TY has been accepted as a Trial. @AkroM has been accepted as a Trial. Member Promotions@DeLeTe has been promoted to Co-Leader. @Sixiz has been promoted to Co-Leader. @SheldoN has been promoted as a Full Member. @Magnet has been promoted as a Full Member. @InfiNity has been promoted as a Full Member. @Yalm has been promoted as a Full Member. @Mazda has been promoted as a Full Member. Congratulations!
  11. Sixiz

    canceled ALPT Join Request <3

    May the force be with you.
  12. Sixiz

    [OS] Lukaculz - Piece of your heart

    Thought it was your map kkkkkk
  13. Sixiz

    Iron Will vs Nitrous Racing (71-71)

    This was a very good matchup, iW show themselves and their heart and had us on the first maps trailing as far by 12, but we had some momentum and handled to come back. At the end we were leading by 5 but some mistakes took us down and Sheldon was the only alive to deliver that precious point to tie the game. We have learned from our mistakes and we are waiting for upcoming matches, nothing else to say than good game and well played Iron Will, hope we will meet again soon. The future is bright, we're excited to play another match again soon and also the upcoming tourneys.