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    The Second Warning /Tsw/ !
  2. RemiX^

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    Hello Guys NickName : RemiX Name Real : John Kerry Location : Brazil - Santa Catarina Personal Info : l am 17 years old and l'm a very romantic person . Tell us about you and your history in MTA/Clans you've been part of : l joined mta 2013,Starting with oldschool and l played oldschool per 2 years in case,Then l met the WFF mode and for these years until today l keep playing WFF . Clans - Awesome in Races /AiR/ , Skills Without Control /SwC/ , nG//National Gaming , Iron Will /iW/ . Why you'd like to Join Nitrous Racing : l wanted to my skills in a clan that l'm sure what has obligations and Lessons in Game ! l wanted to help as possibly could the clan . What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you : l play all mta modes - Shooter , DD , Race , Hunter and l can contribute anything to help the clan . Thank you for seeing this JR !