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  1. Luminaire

    Last Shot Counts - SH Tournament (Registration)

    Team's Name: Ubojnia u Beziego Contact: Luminaire#1708 Players: - AGERX - ShaoliN - Luminaire Reserves: - Roachy - Xevadish
  2. Luminaire

    accepted Luminaire's application

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hi! My name is Michał (ingame Luminaire) and I am 16 years old. I live in small city called Chełm in Poland. I'm loyal and friendly guy that wants to be a programmer in the future. In free-time I spend a lot of time in front of computer. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: My career started almost 8 years ago in 2011. At the beginning I was playing on Drift servers. Few months later, my old friend Zwinny introduced me into a Polish DM server. When I played there I learned how to control vehicles in the air and a lot more. One year later, I found clan called International Gaming (iG//). I played there for about a year. Then I decided to try other gamemode. So I found RP/RPG server called PYLife. The server was ok, but community was shitty. So I came back to DM. After few weeks I found clan called Xtreme Pro Clan (-XpC//). I wrote join request and I got accepted! Unfortunately, few weeks later clan has been closed. Some day when I was playing on TG server I saw clan called To Fuck Bosses (-TfB//). Community was really nice, so I decided to wrote join request and I got accepted again! In this clan I played my first clanwar against Realistic Skills (rS|) and we won 19-1. Few months later, the clan was dying, so Alw7sh decided to close it. Then 3 months later, I joined clan called Riders of Heart (-RoH//). I played a few clanwars and it has been closed. After being clanless for 2 years, I decided with couple of friends to open clan called Sanity (.s). We lost clanwar against Master Players (mP') and our clan has been closed. After that DLF opened a clan and invited me to Wanderers (W\*) and then he promoted me to Leader and Server Manager. We wanted to make an active clan with mature members. We left this project and we can only mention it now. Then I joined Nitrous Racing (xN#), where I learned a lot about WFF and DM. After that I joined The Favoured Few (/TfF\), where I improved my skills in Lua, and discovered how a real clan might look like. One month later, the clan started to die slowly, and after 5 months I decided to leave it. 2 months after applying to The Crew ('TC|), I got finally accepted, but in the next 3 weeks I lost all of my motivation that I gained in the past, so I decided to leave this clan with couple of friends. Previous clans: Xtreme Pro Clan (-XpC//) | Member | Closed To Fuck Bosses (-TfB//) | Member | Closed Riders of Heart (-RoH//) | Member | Closed Sanity (.s) | Leader | Closed Wanderers (W\*) | Leader & Server manager | Closed Nitrous Racing (xN#) | Leader & Head developer | Left The Favoured Few (/TfF\) | Developer | Left The Crew ('TC|) | Trial | Left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: The main reason why I want to rejoin Nitrous Racing is the family feeling, that I haven't experienced in my previous clans. I just didn't feel better anywhere than here. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I could be useful as a streamer or Lua/Web developer, since I have a lot of knowledge in that. Like I mentioned above, I'm friendly and loyal guy, so I won't disappoint you.