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  1. GuuToo

    Hello guys

    Hello bro
  2. GuuToo

    map [DM] OnweD ft. AlpisT - Nature Overflow 2

  3. GuuToo

    declined AlpisT Join Request <3

    Good Luck My love RAJAAO ❤️
  4. GuuToo

    Montage WARFACE !

    noooo xd
  5. GuuToo

    Montage WARFACE !

    Here is one of my games montages! Visit my channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr-ir223ncxZB7_6-vH09yg
  6. GuuToo

    declined ^xGuuToo// Join Request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Gustavo Henrique, my in game name is ^xGuuToo//. I'm from Brazil (São Paulo, Ribeirão Pires) and have 19 years old. Tell us about you and your history in MTA I started playing MTA in 2012 on a Brazilian server called Terra# 3 with DD / DM modes, but the first mode I played was DD, I did not like it much but I kept playing, after some time a friend I had called me to play DM mode and asked me if I enjoyed this game mode and yes I enjoy that much, and there everything started. I played DM from 2012 until 2014 without any clan. Couple of days later my friend Lincoln (Synapse) said to me try to join on his clan (/AiR\ Awesome in Races), I did... After a few days testing me to join /AiR\ they approved me, I really liked the clan, I played cw's and learned many things in the clan, met new and nice people, mainly a friend called TemptatioN, I learned many things with him, he always support me in everything in the game and always taught me new things. During 2015 my PC was broken, it burned and I did not have enough money buy another one, unfortunely I get away from games from 2015/DEC-2017. When I bought another PC I started to play MTA again, but not same as before, I lost many of my skills. After a month, I come back to play with some friends of mine and they called me to be a part of SwC clan (Skills Without Control) and I accepted, so I started to training, and took back my skills, but sadly after 2 weeks the clan closed. That was a time playing without any clan until my friend TemptatioN reopened /AiR\ and invited me again to AiR and this time I joined as Co-Leader and in this clan I had a lot of fun making many new friends, we played severals clanwars... After some months there I got noticed that ^xTemp// decided to close /AiR\ for personal reasons. 2 weeks passed trough I was without a clan and Every invited me to UP (Unlimited Power) and I joined, some time passed trough and some things bored me and I left the clan. Was a time without a clan, until one day Katge, Alpist and AerioN invited me to be part of Tsw (Tsw Gaming) and on this clan I made many friends, also had a lot of fun, but did not work very well the atmosphere of this clan, I did not feel very comfortable in the clan, I stayed for 2 months in this clan. Clans you've been part of: SwC// - Skills without Control | : (Member) (Closed) /AiR\ - Awesome in Races | : (Co-Leader) (Closed) UP|# - Unlimited Power |: (Map Uploader) (Left) |Tsw| - Tsw Gaming | : (Member) (Left) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I would like to participate in Nitrous Racing for the reason of having good people, people with maturity, and I want a clan that is not only a clan but a family! What can you contribute with I can help, taking care of the forum, taking care of the servers, I can mainly help in cw's! Why do you think we'd accept you: Because I am an honest person who plays well ... I make friends fast, I am kind, and I can help everyone anytime! My Best Regards ^xGuuToo//