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  1. Gteatero

    declined Marcaue's Join Request #3

    Good luck @ryderawr
  2. Gteatero

    accepted Sixiz Join Request #2

    @Adidas escribeme al wsp xfa tengo celular nuevo asi k perdi todos los contactos
  3. Gteatero

    News #06: Experiencing the Future

    Lindas palabras amigazos los amo ❤️ Thanks guys for the opportunity that you gavededed of beinginged xn, i love you all. Congratz new trials! (specially Blaze, IGLESIA Y ESTADO ASUNTO SEPARADO) I hope this year will be good for xN and everyone, see you in MTA or anywhere
  4. Gteatero

    accepted ceaN's Join Request

    New dawn player i press like