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  1. yani

    News #10: Striving for Greatness

    finally news that aint written by me, smh gratz kids
  2. yani

    accepted Magnet's Join Request

    glad to see ya back
  3. yani

    canceled canceled

    why did you change your current location from Bulgaria - Austria - Germany? xd
  4. yani

    adidas got busted

    I swear you told me that about like 6 months ago
  5. yani

    accepted Asphel's Join Request

    omfg jan bro best name bro good luck best luck regards very hope you join ok? thats better? ok
  6. yani

    Membership Changes

    Nitrous Racing Recruitment #8 [06/10/2019] Kicked Members @Tecla has been kicked. Trial Recruitment @Kevin has been accepted as a Trial. Member Demotions @Mazda has been demoted to a Trial. @Mousy has been demoted to a Trial. @AveuX has been demoted to a Trial. @ArtiX has been demoted to a Trial. Member Promotions @SheldoN has been promoted to WFF Manager! @Positiv has been promoted to DM Manager! *Keep in mind @ShankZ is our overall manager, please contact him if you are interested in a ClanWar request. Congratulations!
  7. yani

    adidas got busted

    you are next I still have that question DOES IT FUCKING GROW BACK?
  8. yani

    adidas got busted

    you are next @Adidas you are next
  9. yani


    @Willian https://steamcommunity.com/groups/officialgamesensepub check owner
  10. yani

    accepted FernandinhO's Join Request

  11. yani

    [SH] Iron Will vs Nitrous Racing

    Is it just me or Mor0 is in every single cw we ever had?