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    my name yani

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    my name yani

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    Nickname / Location / Personal info My name is Emrah my in game nick is SnackN! and im 18 years old , i live in Turkey(Ankara).I live with my family i have 2 brothers and i love playing basketball, im studying computer engineering.My dream is to be a psychologist. Tell us about your mta story I have been playing MTA for 5 years and 3 months. First i started to Mr.Green Gaming and my cousin told me let's play shooter and we started looking for a server.And we found the 3R Server.We played there for 4 years. And my cousin started to playing dm and I wondered what is dm and I started playing with him.Goku helped us about it like train etc.So I'm playing dm since 2016.As I said im studying. so don't actually have much time for this game but I play like five or six hours in total per day.So i'll not be able to tell you everything that I've been through because even I can't remember all.My career started with playing freeroam because I was fan of Tokyo Drift and so I was spending my time in servers which have real car mods and etc.Then I heard about DM that is how i started to play Dm.I've joined a lot of clans and gainet a lot of expreince about people about being administrator and about having responsibility and more in my five year MTA career.Let me give you some information on some of the teams I've entered. Clans you have been part of FuriouZ Gaming FZ - Closed - Member Small Hustlers Crew SHC - Left - Member 3lite Racers 3R - Left- Leader/Co Leader /Shooter CW manager/DM Leader Pro Gamers -pG- Closed - Co leader Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing ? Because I know the name,the environment and the success of this clan, and so I want to be in this community.I have some friends in this clan like @Lord141 @Mousy @Eleven perhaps you may have heard that too, but I want to get into this clan I talked to some friends and they told me it would be hard to get into this clan. that's why I wanted to try my luck and hopefully I'll be successful.Wish me luck. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing ? I can help with Clan Wars, I can play in the Clan Wars.I can do more than I can. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team I can play both shooter and DM.Wff,hdm. Additional Information I would like to thank those who voted for the readers or those who didn't. If I have a problem with some members in Clan, I apologize to them. Thank you. Best Regards , snackN.