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  1. CruSheXx

    declined CruSheXx comeback?

    Edit: Im very active again 😂
  2. CruSheXx

    declined CruSheXx comeback?

    got a new 😏
  3. CruSheXx

    declined CruSheXx comeback?

    Hey guys! First of all i want you to say that im not very active in mta at the Moment, but im sure i can be play some afternoons with u together and i will write everyday in the teamchat like you know Nickname / Location / Personal info: Ingame my Name is CruSheXx and my real Name is Pascal, im 20 years old and come from Germany. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: My first name on Race was iSoccer but i have the Name CruSheXx now more than 5 years. I started to play Multi Theft Auto about 7 years ago. In the beginning I played a Deathmatch Server and I was there quite long i think over 1000 hours. Some time I found a really good Reallife Server where I played about 1300 hours. Through this reallife server I found race server. I started to play race server where I was accepted later as Team member (admin). But later I have seen Bloody Race with the Leader Cube for the first time, and I joined Bloody Race which becamse later Bloody Gaming. When Bloody was closed I went to PEG with BenQ and Azula. Because I haven't had any more fun there I joined DG for a short time, but when I left them I was also in Over powered but just for a short time. After this i joined SHC but i was kicked because i was inactiv. I was more than 1 year inactiv. After this inactiv phase i played again a long time on TfF and join -forthewin- but this Clan get closed. 1 year ago, i joined The Favoured Few. I stayed there 1 year and i was the Facebook Manager more than 5 Months. After The Favoured Few, i wrote a Joinrequest for Nitrous Racing. I got acceptet and stayed there more than 5 Months,it was a pretty cool time.But sadly i left. By the way i play often Mini Mission and have there ~300 play hours. XR|| Xtream Race Left -BG| Bloody Gaming Closed -PEG- Project Epic Gaming Closed -DG| Divinity Gamers Left [OP] OverPowered Closed SHC// Small Hustlers Crew Kicked -ftw- For the win Closed /TfF\ The Favoured Few Left xN# Nitrous Racing Left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I want to join again because i miss you fucking guys! 😂 What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: You know that you can Count on me in all situations! i hope that i can join back because the most of you know me and i think we had a great time. See you!💞