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  1. Adidas

    canceled Hayden's Join Request

    no flashes confianza sixiz
  2. Adidas

    News #10: Striving for Greatness

    Welcome home Mon 🤡
  3. Adidas

    accepted mon's Join Request

  4. Adidas

    won [SH] Nitrous Racing vs Paradoix #2 (12-8)

    Good game guys, always pleased to see y'all rocking, much love. 37:38 @TurBo very cool.
  5. Adidas

    won [SH] Nitrous Racing vs Paradoix #2 (12-8)

    hmu i stream
  6. Adidas

    accepted Magnet's Join Request

    imo decline and accept in next window to teach this bitch a lesson
  7. Adidas

    adidas got busted

    Depends on a lot of stuff, mine is around 6mm now and won't close, but you can't notice I have it unless I open it ^^
  8. Adidas

    declined stock's Join Request

    dale declinenlo no le hagan perder el tiempo
  9. Adidas

    accepted DemK Join Request

    just give these niggas the next 2 l7 trophies lol
  10. Adidas

    News #09: The Halloween News

    Cute xn bros outliving weak ass clans as usual ^^
  11. Adidas

    News #09: The Halloween News

    gz eleven fat fuck keep it up retards
  12. Adidas

    declined DAM Join Request

    Declinado x ripearle el smod al sixis lmaooooo
  13. Adidas

    adidas got busted

    I don't have it anymore fucking retard
  14. Adidas

    declined Chow's Join Request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hey guys! My nickname is Chow / Chowz1n, mostly I use the last one. I live in Szeged, Hungary and I'm 22 years old. I'm working in our own business, I'm an IT Developer and Webdesigner. Nowadays mostly I work with 3d models and create special sound effects for videos, but in my freetime I like to work in my speciality. If I'm not work, love to do some sports, for example football or tennis. At first I'm a bit shy, but usually I'm a funny guy 😖 Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: My MTA career is started back in 2013. My first server where I joined was the ffs-gaming community. In the summer of 2013 first time started to playing in the shooter-gamemode, but after a year I was busy to play it. I wanted to try a most powerful mode, so I started to play DM. At first I feels bad, because of this mode was so hard for a beginner. I started to find training servers, I trained a lot in the Jebiga-Gaming (JG) server. When I was better a bit, I joined back to FFS and started to play with other players (in JG mostly I played alone for a year). At first in 2017, I started to thinking about a clan membership, but I wanted to training more for it. First time in 2018, I made my first join request to the Force out Xtreme ( [FoXX] ) clan. When I got accepted, I thought it's a best day in my MTA career, because of finally I'm a part of a real clan. After some months I did a stupid conflict with the leaders and I left about it. I started to find a new clan for me and after some week I created my new jr to the Nothing to Lose ( -nTL- ) clan. It was one of a best clan in my career, but in 2018 autumn this clan is closed. Then I joined to the International Team ( [INT] ) clan. I left it after some month and joined to Iron Will ( iW// ). It is the last clan where I was before created this join request. Clans you have been part of: - Force out Xtreme - [FoXX] - Member - Left - Nothing to Lose - -nTL- -Member - Closed - International Team - [INT] - Wff squad Member - left -Iron Will - iW// - Wff squad member - left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I have 2 simple reason why I would like to join you guys. At first I think it's a mature and powerful team, with very friendly members. A bit I showed my second reason a bit, because of that's a friendly and respectful members. That's very important for me, when I'm looking for a new family. I would like to be a part of a team where everyone is correct with each other. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  I can be useful in a lot things, but first of all, I would like to help with my in-game skills. I'm wff player so I can play in clanwars, tournaments, etc. I can play in HDM too, but I'm not the best with hunter.. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: If need I can help to the team with my real life speciality. I can create 3d models, logos, youtube intro, special sounds and effects for the records and at last I can help in mapping too. I have a lot maps, but in DM just 3, mostly I made race and DD maps. Additional Information: Sorry for my bad english, I tred hard. Feels free to ask me about everything what u want to know, I try my best to answer them 😋 Thanks for reading this jr, have a nice day Best Regards, Chowz1n
  15. Adidas

    accepted ALi's Join Request

    gg unfair l7 os