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  1. Adidas

    Last Shot Counts - SH Tournament (Registration)

    Team's Name: Los cabros Contact: u got me Players: - Adidas - Shankz - Positiv Reserves: - Asency -
  2. Adidas


    Jaja re gei
  3. Adidas

    declined Kingpierre's Join Request

    Stopped reading after this btw bro, your old account was banned after you shared Torene's address, stay away please. Banned, again. cya
  4. Adidas

    Show your car !

  5. Adidas

    Show yourself!

  6. Adidas

    declined Shacle's Attempt

    We won't considerate copies from previous JRs to different teams. (https://ffs.gg/threads/85242-FoXX-Shacle-s-Attempt-ACCEPTED) I'd kindly recommend you to try again, some want to know more about you.
  7. Adidas

    declined [SH] Ramsis's Join Request

    Mate, you didn't even bother to remove UP's forum formatting. If you're ever willing to try again, put some real effort. DECLINED
  8. Adidas

    won [SH] Nitrous Racing vs The Crew Gaming (14-6)

    In case you want to rewatch this:
  9. Adidas

    Development Updates

    Devblog Please note that the main purpose of this topic is to keep you updated. Hence, consider it as an informative topic where we will only post updates regarding the Development process of our both forum and servers. It will be kept as easy and clear to read as possible, therefore you will not be able to reply to this topic. This topic will be updated only by our Administration and Development Team. Development log #01 - 09.04.2019 Deathmatch and Shooter clan war servers have been updated with the following features: A new and fresh user interface, with an optimized version for low end PCs. Clan war servers now possess a new version of scripts, giving us the opportunity to fully upgrade them at any given time, having a greater efficiency and new possibilities. Deathmatch - Active Shooter - Active WFF - Active A new command have been added to our clan war servers that will allow clan members of a specific team to stay AFK, without having to press ENTER. In order to use this command, simply do /afk. Deathmatch server has now an anti-delay system, which means that delayed top times wont be an issue anymore. System has been implemented in our new top times panel aswell. Logo has been changed to a new one.
  10. Adidas

    shaolin journey to become hdp

    nobody knows this one >
  11. Adidas

    Unlimited Power vs. Nitrous Racing

    I'm happy to announce that the clanwar has ended by the score of 15-5 in favour of Nitrous Racing. Well played UP, although we know you can do much better we really enjoyed this clanwar and we'll surely meet again in the future. Stream 1: Stream 2: - @adeliveR
  12. Adidas

    won [SH] Nitrous Racing vs Unlimited Power (12-8)

    GREAT BANNER Good luck brothers and sisters and brothers
  13. Adidas

    News #07: Alliance with Progression

    We good Congratulations new trials
  14. Adidas

    Unlimited Power vs. Nitrous Racing