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    News #10: Striving for Greatness

    Welcome back bro @Magnet ❤️
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Yahya , Known ingame as K4K4TY , I'm 17 years old , From Jordan living in Egypt , A friendly guy , Addicted to cars and especially German cars as well as gym , Love listening to pop songs , I have four dogs which means that i love dogs aswell. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: Started my MTA Career in 2011 when i was 9 years old, started in an Arabic roleplay server played there for almost 2 years , after my first 2 years in MTA , Moved to a DD server , spent 1 year there , in that year i gained a lot of experience in DD , i still can play DD till today , after that 1 year playing DD for 14 hours a day continuously, Then moved on to FFS , Nothing changed ,still playing DD and gaining more and more experience and skill , Finally in 2015 started playing DM OS wasn't that good in the begining , started improving day by day , met two kind guys taught me a lot about OS and then we became bestfriends , joined my first clan in that period of time , can't really remember the name but i do remember that i was very happy , retired after that for 6 months and came back in the begining of 2017 , playing since 2017 till now nonstop (except for exams) , started mapping in 2018 , made 2 maps in that year , and then joined iW in mid of july 2018 , Managers of the OS Squad went inactive , and then the whole OS Squad went inactive too , left iW in the begining of 2019 as i remember , I couldn't stay away from iW for a long time , Came back to iW after 2 weeks maybe , but OS Squad still inactive , so i left iW again becuse of that , i didn't want to waste time so here i am making a Join Request to xn Clans you have been part of: iW// ~ Iron WIll - I have been there for 1 year and left due to OS Squad inactivity. Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: A team full of skilled and mature members will be attractive , In addition to that i have a couple of friends there , and since that the clan is full of professional members of course i will be better if i'm with them , and I want to make a good step in my MTA career. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  I've been improving a lot since the last 3 months , added a ton of experience to myself and raised my skills in such a short time by practicing , that's why i think that i have enough experience to participate with xn in OS Events / ClanWars , surely i'll be improving more and more nonstop. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: I'm a good mapper , Trying my best to be a good designer too , and In real life i work with my father as an Event organizer , so i can organize events for the clan if needed of course. Additional Information: just wanted to add somthing in the ending , I know that maybe my chances in joining xn are weak , but i decided to give a try because why not , I apperciate your reading of my application . Best regards , K4K4TY