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  1. ryderawr

    News #10: Striving for Greatness

    thanks for accept
  2. ryderawr

    accepted mon's Join Request

  3. ryderawr

    accepted Hollyweed's join request

    yatagrasu 2 for u inc
  4. ryderawr

    accepted Magnet's Join Request

    helicopters fly over the beach same time every day same routine clear target in summer and skies are blue
  5. ryderawr

    accepted SneaX join request - another one

    sneax jr? i go write one too
  6. ryderawr

    declined Katya's join request.

    welcome xN#Tails
  7. ryderawr

    declined LoFaK's Join Request

    accept him, atleast hes not retarded like me and triplex so no cancer in chats gg gn bye p.s. i love facu
  8. ryderawr

    accepted Yalm's Join Request

    father of xn is back ❤️
  9. ryderawr

    Show your car !

  10. ryderawr

    accepted Sixiz Join Request #2

    best of luck kiddo but dont forget i am the retard in xN now so I took your spot bye
  11. ryderawr

    What are you listening at the moment?

    i listen to twoja stara right now
  12. ryderawr

    accepted Azula's Join Request

    Oh damn nice to have you back Kidzula, let's rape like in SoR times :3
  13. ryderawr

    my name yani

    your face looks like you got ultra hard fucked in the ass and they forced u to take a picture right after they penetrated ur butt
  14. ryderawr

    [DM] Small Hustlers Crew vs Nitrous Racing

    accept so i can rape some fellow cz sk boys
  15. ryderawr

    accepted sYKu's Join Request

    Hi sYKu, I know most of the time, we didn't have a really "friendly" relationship, so, I'd love to apologize for that, I do it here and not in PMs because I don't really have any contact on you; I hope that if you join we can change that (or maybe even before you join). Good luck!