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  1. AGERX

    declined PCHZY join request.

    Pamietaj o myciu rak 🦀
  2. AGERX

    accepted Hollyweed's join request

    Turks are gay but u from algeria so i lik
  3. AGERX

    accepted mon's Join Request

    Siema brat
  4. AGERX

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  5. AGERX

    accepted Magnet's Join Request

    poproszę kebaba na cienkim z ostrym sosem
  6. AGERX

    accepted Esp4wN's Join Request

    can we kick niko and accept this nigga?
  7. AGERX

    accepted SneaX join request - another one

    DJ Cascade
  8. AGERX

    accepted NikotiN’s Join Request uwu #2

    fix maps
  9. AGERX

    declined Katya's join request.

    nice asslick
  10. AGERX

    declined Dolfi's join request!

    a shit see mta
  11. AGERX

    declined SneaXs join request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My nickname is SneaX (real name aptem), i live in germany bavaria and im currently 20 years old (turning 21 this january). Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: My MTA career started in 2014 but before this i played SAMP since 2012 i gues. In SAMP there was also a DM server called New Dawn and after it died i went to play on MTA. My first server to play on was (ofc) FFS, after some months i got fucked up about the "last alive" shit where you couldnt even finish maps properly cause most of the time people died before you could get the hunter, i decided to move on and play on ER. After ER got shut down i was forced to play on TFF which i didnt liked at all cause of the Server layout from 1883. Finally there was hope because V had their opening and i played there the past times till 2019 cause i loved the fact that it was kinda like ER in the past. But everything has to come to an end and i decided to play on FFS again since the DM room is less buggy and you can drive way better without getting slow bugged or cocky bounces. That was my MTA career till now, still playing daily on FFS or im mapping on my own server... Clans you have been part of: Master Players (mP): 2x Member, got closed. Unlimited Power (UP): 2x Member, got closed International team (int): Member, left Force Out Xtreme (FoXX): Member, left Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: xN is a well established clan now in our MTA community and its well known for its skilled players and awesome appearance in DM or WFF tournaments as we all could see during L7 matches. My plan is to learn from the best when it comes to WFF and i cant see a better place where this should be possible other than xN. I can also see that people are staying for a long period of time in this clan and this can only mean that xN has a very good and friendly atmosphere among the clan members. + another reason for writing this JR is that i have some friends in this clan i want to play with as a team. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  Im daily active so this means i can participate in any form of clan activities and other stuff. Since im learing fast and still continue to be better in WFF i can be an usefull addition for clanwars and tournaments. I have always an open ear for my clan mates and im ready to talk or listen if someone has something to say. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: Well, im a mapper but i dont think that this would count as an extra ability nowa days. And im trying myself in recording maps so i can use both skills to promote the clan. Additional Information: Discord: SneaX#1327 uwu best regards,
  12. AGERX

    canceled Closed

  13. AGERX

    canceled [Oldschool]#CANSERBERO'S Join Request!!!!

    i like my mother
  14. AGERX

    accepted Asphel's Join Request

    hey 7m #5