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  1. Nickname / Location / Personal info: Nickname in-work: CharmY^ Nickname out-work: Neko^ Country: Tunisia Age: 16 years old i study in high school special i like motorcycles and make some video montage Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: my career first time was playing on ps3 speaking in skype! and then my friend tell me about the game and not know definiation first server play DayZ in 2015 join first server have lot players DM! calling name : "FFS GAMING" but after play changed my life i mean playing the game (24/7) Clans you have been part of: ~v -- clan start name like this in ffs but forget 2018 ( Trial - Leave ) zS! - Zealot Style ( Member - Kick ) nG// - Nationel Gaming ( Trial - Close ) SHC// - Small Hustlers Crew ( Member - Leave ) |-NxR-| National xTreme Racing ( Trial - Leave ) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: i would like to help clan wars stuff and make great family friends i think xN best clan for ever! 💘 How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  the main thing I can contribute to is clan wars and i could sometimes help wff Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: i have extra abilities but my problem i dont have free time to help our team make video montage and design photos with sony vegas and photoshop Additional Information: Facebook : LiwaHadri Discord: ⧸⎠CharmY^⎝⧹#5613 my maps here :
  2. CharmY^

    canceled Join Request - CharmY^

  3. CharmY^

    canceled Join Request - CharmY^

    mean just want help clan :~
  4. CharmY^

    canceled Join Request - CharmY^

    asjaksjake xdddd
  5. CharmY^

    canceled Join Request - CharmY^

    Nickname: CharmY^ Location: Tunisia Personal info: I like to listen to dupstep songs and I draw Tell us about you and your history in MTA : I know this game by my friends It was a goods day I played with my friends for a long time at that time I was playing the [GM] race OS I played this game for 4 years 2014 but i ran into a problem with a family and then I quit mta sa for 3 years and returned the game clans you've been part of: vX~ idk remember name clan but its on FFS ( trial ) zS! - Zealot Style ( member ) I helped them in scripts but there was no understanding after they kick me Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: i want to help nitrous racing in cw and active and i think can help in scripts i have friend can help clan with maps .. not upload and not share What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I do not know if accept me or do not accept me. I want a helper if you do not get it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CKZubUAdI8&t=19s