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  1. TRIPL3X

    accepted Sixiz Join Request #2

    Big ego, Declined! jk bro, Glad to see you trying to join back your old family ❤️ Best of luck Cristian🙂
  2. TRIPL3X

    my name yani

    If I were a girl, i would’ve let you to explore all my holes.
  3. TRIPL3X

    accepted TRIPL3X Join Request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hello!! My name is Márk Pápay and my in-game nick is TRIPL3X. Im 18 years old boy which lives in small village called Chrastné (Near big City : Košice) Slovakia. At the moment im studying on high school at 4th grade. My school is about Graphic , Design. In my free time im playing games on computer(Counter Strike Global Offensive,H1Z1,Fortnite). At winter time i love to play ice hockey , since i played it when i was 12 years old. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: Well everything started at 2008. For first time i played on SMT where i meet many nowadays famous players. At this moment my Career started like an DM Player. I joined EMP. Of course everything went well but all the time someone broke the community and Nobody needed to Close it. Sad moments but never be disappointed. After 2 months when i played on SMT/ffs i met HTC. He asked me if i want to join his Team (PiA). After some months we closed. Later QlimaX came with idea. (DG) I will make a team and you will join it. I said : "Okay, but i want to play CW´s". He said : "Don´t worry". We played against TfF , ffs. Pretty close games, but i was felling for first time that im important. After few months i was accepted into WFF squad in TC.. I played with them L7 OS and 1 match of L7 Tour 15 if im Right.. I had perfect time with this team and also i got experience of WFF.. After 4 months i found Project Beast and joined them and played for them L7 Tour 16.. Also here i gained some experience from WFF..After some necceseary i left.. I was clanless for 2 months.. I found 7m which i joined.. Best team i’ve ever been in. Learnt there a lot of from more experienced people.After successful 6 months i left them due some problems. After i left 7m , I was thinking about leaving this game since i didn´t have any hope at it.. Madlife recommended me to talk with d1kuba about Uff which i joined.. At Uff i tried my best.. I tried to create good team for WFF and also for DM.We managed to get into L7 and also into L7DM where our journey started! My dream came true, i got promoted after few months to Co-Leader.. We did well , but after some necessaries i ended my journey at this team and now im trying to join xN(still im in love with my old teammates and im sorry if i hurt you right now because i left you.. ♥) Clans you have been part of: (Im not gonna mention all the teams in which i were since i play this game for 11 years). Emp| / Elite Master Players PiA| / Pro´s In Action -DG| / Divinity Gamers VIP / Very Important Players TC| / The Crew B# / Project Beast 7m / Seventh Miracle Uff / Unstoppable Fighters Force Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: From the first time when i´ve been talking with members from xN i had a lot of fun. I was really enjoying every conversation with all of you. Sometimes we went trought bad times but sometimes we passed the bad times and we are gucchit now. I would like to settle in this team , since im having a lot of fun with you. Also i would like to fill the parts at which im bad, so you are the option to get me on a better level. Yeah, maybe im having bad past, but im trying to improve in some stuff , which you will see slowly after few weeks If im gonna be able to play matches, i will try my best to get the victory every single match! How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  Actually you should choose me because i have a lot of experience with WFF/DM Matches.. Im experienced person which can prove that on up-coming matches and tournaments.. I can finish maps with/without cuts when it´s needed.. Also the hard ones too. You can also choose me , because im Graphic Designer, so i can help you with what ever it´s needed. Also i can help you manage with stuff with which you will need some help. I regret that i closed my JR before when i was really close to getting in! :c Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: As i mentioned above im experienced graphic designer. I can edit videos, photos, create some graphic stuff. Also i can manage websites and a bit script on mta. Additional Information: Skype: bishucsgo@gmail.com Facebook : Mark Papay Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/id/triplexko11/ Instagram : @lilmayek
  4. TRIPL3X

    accepted RYDER

    " Im not the one who will let some other guy shit into my mouth. Since he joined Uff he acted in good way but after short time he thought he is big boss here, so he started to type us stuff as : You all suck. Now he will say it was "For fun" to protect himself , because he has JR to you. At the match vs ffs he continued acting like an idiot. Changing his name, crying in the chat and demotivating us. He simply made us mad with his shit behaviour , after which we warned him. But he still continued(unexpected xD).Im not sure if he has some brain problems, but 2 days before MAD match he started to talk shits about me like im "doubleFaced" and im talking about him all the time. What? I told him that i didn´t say anything about him in last 3 weeks. Since he is on unversity he like to type shits, act like a big boss , but sadly who is he? Just some random guy which thinks he is the best player on the earth. Let´s talk about other part of his behaviour. He came to train yesterday , he didn´t finish any map and he started to cry that he won´t play , you can play alone and such a shit stuff. 19 y.o guy can´t hold his emotions , so he will cry over a game? This is what you need in xN? No, he won´t change. He is talking to his real life friends shits one day , like they are double faced,he insult them.. And after 1 week he is playing with them again like nothing happened If i had a lot of time to find all the shit stuff he typed into our Skype convo, I would add it here. But look, you know how he behave. I will add here some screens why he actually left yesterday Uff after what I typed him. After he left , he joined L7 server and talked shits about me. Like I never get any screens from anyone that he talked shits about me (Yeah, I talked behind his back without any proofs, screenshots and etc. Sure buddy, clean your head a bit). 1st Screen. Here you can see on first screen what I typed him for fun. He always understood my jokes until he got emotional and had to cry because he had bad day in MTA.. Sad. At the end he typed : " You can play alone " , "Good Bye". It means that the reason why he left was that I said he can´t finish maps and he is "mad"? This is what you need in your good squad? A lot of people regret taking him into teams. I won´t say who, but they know 2nd Screen. So who is talking shit behind my back? He had to go on L7 server to share his emotions with other players, because i was the bad one! Ouch bro. Also he randomly insulted Darking,Tony,Anus like 3-4 months ago, and now they are best friends? So who is double faced here? You just shit into your own mouth brother. At the end i will tell you something. Don´t forget that who helped you in any sittuation. Who was standing behind your back when you felt bad.