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  1. DLF

    accepted TRIPL3X Join Request

    Forever in my heart, even if broken... Good luck! "i will become soon inactive in mta and i wanna join team which wont care about it."
  2. DLF

    declined PCHZY's Join Request.

    Good luck my son ❤️
  3. DLF

    News #07: Alliance with Progression

    Congratulations new trials! It's a good step by xN leadership! Power of xN is like never ending story Good luck in future!
  4. DLF

    accepted RYDER

    We bought that race from Luminaire but he changed a lot of files and upgraded a lot. But if there is some problem we can redesign it. Feel free to contact me :D About Ryder… It was your decision to left but after it you started to do same as "one leader" did about you (in your mind he did). Good luck bro anyway, I hope that they going to handle your rages during clanwars XDD I loved them! (Really)
  5. DLF

    declined Azooz's jr #2

    I didn't want to start any useless fight but I can't leave lies without explanation. You played for aQ, so how can I trust player who cheat. You can argue with me, you are lucky cuz I not have any screenshot, but wait, it was during clanwar, so around 10-15 people saw my message "You are not Azooz?" "I will check serial", then your "friendly clan" just said on main chat that u are Azooz (played as aq!algallad511 and plexy told me that you are Prime), even you said "that's me" then you started high ego trashtalk like "let me play 1vs3 i will record it" . Not without reason result of this clanwar is 20-0 for aQ oponnent. I want to add that your JR is DECLINED so we didn't want to have cheater in our clan, it was our decision. I don't want to destroy your chances for being part of xN, this clan have enough experienced leadership to decide and even If they gonna give you chance, it's np. for me or my team. We just did what we should. Good Luck:) Best regards, Uff.DLF!