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  1. ZJK

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    Hhhhhh, unexpected bro bonne chance
  2. ZJK

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    thanks for all your messages brothers
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    hhh sale blitz gringo
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info My nickname is ZJK, Im 20 years old and I am actually living in France. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of I was first playing on SA:MP on fun/derby servers then I've moved from SA:MP to MTA in the beginning of 2012, and immediately started playing on a known DM/OS server called Fellow Team/GMC. I improved my skills over the months and then I could join the server's clan (Fellow Team) where I could play my first clanwars. Over the years, I wanted to get some new experiences, here are all the clan I joined until now: |FT| Fellow Team (Member) EsR! Empire street Riders (Webmaster) EfE# Eye for an Eye (Member) fH| From Hell (Member) #MvP! Most valuable Players (Co-Leading) >VIP< Very Important Players (Co-Leading) |-nTL-| Nothing to Lose (Webmaster) [FoXX] Force Out Xtreme (Leader) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing I've been in FoXX for two good years now, but it has sadly being going down over the years. xN has always been a clan I admired, I played many clanwars against the clan so I know how known and good it is. There is also many good guys I know there so I would like to give it a try! What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you I might not be a special weapon for WFF, but I am a good HDM player. I can also be useful with web-managing by my experience, especially with IPS Systems. Thank you for reading.