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  1. PacT

    accepted Asphel's Join Request

    How does one remember his mta career so well? Anyways good luck of becoming one of the rats!
  2. PacT

    declined kirei's join reguest

    Might become 3 estonians in xN, time to takeover the rats!
  3. PacT

    News #09: The Halloween News

    Congratulations to new trials(Eleven), hope you'll enjoy your stay here.
  4. PacT

    declined Inspra's Join Request

    Lmao decline this retard ass estonian xd
  5. PacT

    News #08: From Old to Gold

    Congratulations to everyone!
  6. PacT

    I'd like to introduce myself.

    This nibba probably rapes his dog..
  7. PacT

    Show your car !

    As I've said I'm gonna get a new car in summer, so I currently have only one picture of it BMW E39, 525tds
  8. PacT

    accepted Sixiz Join Request #2

    Not everyone can admit what they've done and be proud of it. Your join request might not be the most beatiful one to watch but it sure is one of the most informative Join Requests I've ever seen, alot of information, knowing the history of your career so well makes me really want to know, how the hell do you know it so well? Anyways as I haven't been in xN with you nor other teams I can't say of about your personality e.t.c. I wish you good luck and hopefully you'll get to be with us once again!
  9. PacT

    Show your car !

    Going to buy a new car in summer but this is the first car which I have after I've got my license. The only mod done to it is 1200W subwoofer which blows the front windscreen off. EDIT: Decided to also add a picture of the subwoofer I have and add a picture of when i installed a new headunit.(Sorry for the quality) Headunit: Pioneer X5800BT Subwoofer: Rockford Fosgate T112D4 Amplifier for subwoofer: DLS CA-12(Running at 1 ohm 500w rms, subwoofer can output 600w rms)
  10. PacT

    new script owo promote me #pro #iq300 #legend

    Smh I ended up playing no deco maps and falling in to water 24/7..
  11. PacT

    declined Qashqai's Join Request

  12. PacT

    accepted Mousy's Join Request

    Probably the best JR I have ever read and will read.
  13. PacT

    declined #D!e$eL^'s [DD] Join Request

    I think this JR has abit too much information xdddd
  14. PacT

    News #07: Alliance with Progression

    Thank you for this chance! I promise I will let you guys down! Congratulations to the other trials and looking forward to Ryder's spanish lessons.