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  1. ZNuke

    Nitrous Racing - MTA Theme

    simplemente perfecto
  2. ZNuke

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    Nickname / Location / Personal Information: - My name is Edu, my nickname is ZNuke, I'm 17 years old, I'm from Peru - Lambayeque Tell us about your MTA: SA can determine the details: - It all started on a Freeroam server where I spent some time on a DM server called German Blue Race, where I discovered my skills little by little. When I entered that DM server, I decided to look for more servers, make friends and do the typical "Who is the best or the most professional" thing, so I played in: FFS (in my beginnings as a Shooter player), TfF , NxR, XpR etc. After a while, I decided to join NxR, but I had to leave the clan because I had problems with my computer, since I had to give it to my father to use at work. Well, about a year ago, I decided to join Nitrous Racing, they taught me many things about MTA and I played my first tournaments with them, but I decided to leave, since I was in "those" to enter the University (maybe yes , maybe not), if I am honest, I would not have left the clan, but I was very excited about the university and I did not hesitate and wanted to leave everything to be full of studies, they told me that I could stay afk , but as I tell them everything I did without thinking. 😢 Well, once I talked seriously with my parents about college, I was a little calmer, after that I decided to be more active at mta and was there when I was invited to Iron Will to play some clan wars,etc . I was 3 months in IW , but I decided to leave, because I wanted to return to the best clan I've been. Clans of which you have been a part: - Run or Die (Leader / Closed). - National Xtreme Racing (Member / Left). - Nitrous Racing (Member / Left). - Iron Will (Member / Left). Why would you like to join Nitrous Racing: - For the costume and experience that the clan had over time, I am aware of their achievements, and I believe that the players have the skills where they contribute to others and I admire them for that. How would you be useful for Nitrous Racing? - Could help in DM Clans War - Hunter and possibly in Shooter. - It could help kids who want to start with the world of mapping, maybe it's not very good, but I could give them a help with resources, scripts, etc. Additional Information: I gay.
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    xNZJK - xNZNK 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 UFFFFFF😍😍
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    welcome mi causa
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    hey all

    td bn?
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    Good Luck
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