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  1. Pizza

    Not an introduction...

    ajajjajaja si bldo cierto que hay un juego que se llama así, no sabía que era por eso
  2. Pizza

    Not an introduction...

    ❤️ love ya ❤️ torinizor sii jajaj si estuve, tabamos con sunset y mustang el venezolano también. Me había gustado mucho el tag y lo quise remil robar JAJAJA
  3. Pizza

    Not an introduction...

    and to my guy @ArtiX that with him, we have the Guinness Record to the BEST FUCKING PRANK EVER
  4. Didn't know where to post this so... Well, probably many of you don't know who the fuck i am, understandable, because i hadn't played this game regularly since late 2017-early 2018 so i'm gonna make a little introduction of myself. My name is Joaquín, i'm a 19 year old guy from Argentina and alongside @adeliveR , Rabbit and StailoK created Nitrous Racing. I still remember how it happened: It was early 2015, Rabbit, StailoK, @adeliveR and myself used to have this looong skype calls while we were playing at a server called "Pro-Chile", it was a good sv, nothing fancy, just good enough to play. On that server we were so active and regular that the owner, Rafa, gave us a private "group chat" called "Team Privado" and one day, Rabbit, frustrated because his join request to ER didn't got an answer in like 3 months, said: "What if we make or own clan?". I wasn't so sure about it, because i had my own Join Request to SHC xD, but after like 2 mins, i decided to cancel my JR and we all agree to create this new clan. We didn't know wich name we we're going to use because we didn't want to use a basic name like "Team Privado", nop, we wanted a COOL tag so i proposed names of dead clans like -|FTL|- (Faster Than Light) or vS# (Viper Squad), Rabbit wanted the clan to be called ~CoB~ (can't remember what CoB means but it was a good old Latin clan) and after almost 30-40 minutes of discussion (friendly discussion XD) one of the guys, can't remember if StailoK or Adeliver, came with the PERFECT tag "xN| - xN#". The problem about this tag was that we didn't have a meaning for the "x" or the "N", so after a little time of thinking, we decided to fuck the X and give the clan the name of "Nitrous Racing". Fast forward 6-8 Months we already have our own fucking server, forum, good roster, everything was good, but things were going to get so much better. Between 2016 and 2017 it was (in my opinion) the best fucking time of the clan, i remember that people used to play a lot in our server around 21:00 until 3 in the morning, every single day. I'm not gonna lie, the administration of the clan was really easy for me because i had the easiest job, while the chileans guys had the job of paying and maintain the server, @Sunset was our CW Manager, i only had to administrate the forum and keep a group of 30 people calm, but the thing was that the group was so amazing and chill, that my job was easier than the other 4 guys. Of course there were some problems, like the time one guy called Danky eliminated our group chat in Whatsapp xD, funny day lul. Anyways i don't want to keep telling you the rest of the history because you already know it, the CW won against SHC that gave us a little fame, the CW that we got robbed against 6s because of a "LAG SHOT", the L7's, etc... I'm writting this because i recently got kicked of this clan and it made me really sad and angry, but not because the kick itself, it's totally logical and understandable, like i said earlier, i hadn't played this game regularly since a lot of time. I'm angry at myself because i didn't have the balls to say earlier to the Leadership "Hey guys, i'm gonna leave, because i don't wanna be the type of clan member that i always hated, the one that doesn't help". So i want to say SORRY to all for being that type of member. And i want to say thank you to everyone that i've met during these awesome 5 years: @adeliveR @Adidas@Crizz @Lukaculz @TORENE @ShaoliN @Shael @xMoN @PoSITiVBnRankeAo#<~ @Luka_ce @ShankZ @Luminaire . There are others too but they don't have an account here, like Toby, Marcos, Stailok, etc And of course to the guys that i've known since 2012 like @Sunset @Tecla Rabbit and so many other's <3<3 Love ya'll. Good Bye
  5. Pizza

    News #07: Alliance with Progression

    Congrats to all!!