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  1. #SherazPapi

    accepted Magnet's Join Request

    Hey lil shit, what maked you wroted enter request again? I want a proper answer
  2. #SherazPapi

    accepted Esp4wN's Join Request

    wanna ft nicoteen and me?
  3. #SherazPapi

    declined stock's Join Request

    damn i think this is the only join request i enjoyed reading so much , good luck m8.
  4. #SherazPapi

    won [SH] Nitrous Racing vs Knights Of Red Night (15-5)

    i ez pz u lonnex
  5. #SherazPapi

    declined Katya's join request.

    expecting sandy jr now
  6. #SherazPapi

    accepted SNX's Join Request

    revive //R?
  7. #SherazPapi

    accepted IsGh's Join Request

  8. #SherazPapi

    accepted Inspra's Join Request

    veery good lucks bro
  9. #SherazPapi

    lost [SH] Nitrous Racing vs The Crew #4 (11-13)

    ez pz for teecee
  10. #SherazPapi

    accepted LookaT's Application

    can be useful for our sh squad, gl
  11. #SherazPapi

    declined Inspra's Join Request

    stfu gl pacitoo
  12. #SherazPapi

    accepted Revolcee's Join Request

    gl bro xd
  13. #SherazPapi

    lost [SH] Nitrous Racing vs Iron Will (7-13)

    get rekt rats..
  14. #SherazPapi

    declined xNSnoop' join requast

    real niggu.
  15. #SherazPapi

    Nitrous Racing vs. Paradoix.

    no shit m8