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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Im mostly known as Hadouken or Kranz (or ploid), Im living in El Salvador, my name is Javier, Im 19 yrs old. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I started playing mta around january 2012, my first ever mta experiences were playing rpg, race, dd, till I discovered a dm server called -]alw[- (Any Last Word?) where I found so many ways to enjoy and feed my love for the game, eventually, the server started its agonism, whereby I had to look for other communities, playing on latin servers were mostly the best part of my mta memories, In 2013-14 I started playing on ffs shooter, but it wasnt until the end of 2014 that I decided to become a full "dm dedicated player", somehow I got a good performance leading cw squads in the teams I was part of (tho I didnt get impressive achievements), in 2016 I joined to Nitrous Racing, but I didnt stay longer than 4-6 months as long as I can remember, after leaving the clan I had no many interest playing the game as I used to do, but then I just did a last try joining to the DDC community, where I met so many actual friends and finally stopped playing mta for almost a year and a half, at this point of my career, I would consider Im not a relevant mta individual, but I still have much ahead. |3R| -]alw[- ~XrC~ |Tsw| Hg// xN| FBi some other ddc fleeting clans and probably forgot 1 or 2 teams Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: Its been a long while since the last time I was a part of the team, but I left so many unfulfilled tasks to be done that I decided to finally start working on them before its late, I mean, you actually grown a lot during the last 2 years, that its hugely sure you could give me a helping hand with my mta desires, more than a name, you represent a big part of my mta experiences, which I can't leave behind, thats why my decision to give a try one more time on this community, I would really like to improve myself while being a part of the crew again. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: First of all, I got no many things to offer but my provision to help in anything that its needed, from supporting event organizers to hardtry'ng clanwars, maybe I never stood out in dm events, but I would consider my driving skills arent that bad, anyway, the most important thing I would contribute with is my effort to keep the team atmosphere as good as I can, maybe not a famous player but a simple guy that wants to hang out with friends during his free time. Cheers