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  1. FernandinhO

    canceled canceled

    Good luck Awake 😘
  2. FernandinhO

    accepted NominatioN's Join request

    I wish you the best of luck Nomi, you're a cool guy and a good player for any clan 😘
  3. FernandinhO

    canceled Closed

    What a surprise, good luck Neo 😘
  4. FernandinhO

    declined stock's Join Request

    Te voy a declinear el 09/12, la misma fecha en la que te rompieron el ojete 😉
  5. FernandinhO

    declined Fouad's join request.

    Good luck FouadinhO 😘
  6. FernandinhO

    canceled closed sry

    I'm not fantastic for you?😪 DECLINED Good luck Vinny😘
  7. FernandinhO

    canceled Closed

    Few days on xN and now I'm fantastic 😎
  8. FernandinhO

    canceled FernandinhO's Join Request

    Reflecting back, you're right, close this please.