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  1. FernandinhO

    Fouad's join request.

    Good luck FouadinhO 😘
  2. FernandinhO

    1080p// Join Request

    I'm not fantastic for you?😪 DECLINED Good luck Vinny😘
  3. FernandinhO

    canceled Closed

    Few days on xN and now I'm fantastic 😎
  4. FernandinhO

    accepted FernandinhO's Join Request

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hallo my name is Fernando, in-game FernandinhO aka NocturN, I’m 20 years old and I’m argentinian, from Buenos Aires, living in Ezeiza. I studied English for 7 years in a private institute of my city and now I'm a student of Bachelors Degree in Logistic at University. I try to spend my time with my family and football (playing, seeing matchs of Copa Libertadores as UCL, doing bets with my friends, everything relationated with the ball) expecially with River Plate, club who I'm fan. Tell us about your MTA:SA career in details: Bored of SAMP I started playing MTA since 2010-2011 on servers of Race Category, I knew the exist of Race and Destruction Derby but never knew about Race Death Match, so I discovered this game-mode accidentally in a server, don't ask his name because I don’t remember it, their admins kicked me fast for my noob knowledge and then I couldn’t found it more. Finally, after some tries, I kept looking and add to favorites my first RaceDM server named Extreme Racers United, I really loved it, the atmosphere was good, I joined my first clan named -|Cs|- and I won't forget all people who I knew there. Sadly, ERU closed pair of years after. I don’t know the time exactly. In that about of time, I moved to others communitys as RM CoB LxG but only for play with my fellas, I didn't feel motivated for the game. Until I remembered Twisted Gamers because I was playing as a nolifer in his Hunter server when their servers were separate. I decided to register in main community and played for long time, I already knew some players and was a good election but TG started to go down for a fight between his leaders (Zurio drama) and a big part of his members left, counting me as player retired. Before, I only went to FFS for a bit. Two years later(?, I came back playing Hunter on Empire of Riders server and FFS Gaming. I thought It was for a moment but I finally stayed. I was still clanless until Mitsuki invited me to Maelstrom, I confirmed his invitation on October of 2018, I saw it with good eyes. It was a new world for me, focusing more in the game and leaving aside others things but I loved it but I left for some problems with squad on Febrary 2019 (If you wanna know it, pm me, np). I was still playing on FFS Gaming clanless and Mitsuki told me he would have re-open Maelstrom, and of course I said yes to his project. I tried to do my best in all my time on Maelstrom but I recently felt my teammates and me didn't see me securate. I left happy because we put it strong and I can bet will increase more with new squad. Clans you have been part of: M# | Maelstrom (October 2018 - September 2019) ❤️ with a break of my first left - reopen of 3 months Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I like to join Nitrous Racing because I have a good relation with almost all players of his squad, adding it's a good atmosphere and I always feeling happy (expecially with his retard jokes). As I said before, it's a good challenge for me. I would have liked be part of this community before but there were some issues or confusions that made me close my old join request. How would you be useful to Nitrous Racing?  I could help xN in their participations of Tournaments, as L7 DM, as well as to help in their clanwars. I'm a DM/Hunter Player in spite of my fps. I don't have problem with train maps, provided that they won't rekt my computer. Do you have any extra abilities and how could you use them in our team: Bullying a Facuuzz Additional Information: Take it seriously this time boys.. 🙄
  5. FernandinhO

    canceled FernandinhO's Join Request

    Reflecting back, you're right, close this please.
  6. FernandinhO

    canceled FernandinhO's Join Request