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    Frankzy ❤️
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    Best of luck my g
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    mamamnamamanamananam ajajaj vamos shakl
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    Im not here to judge but wtf is this bro
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    gl bruv
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    News #07: Alliance with Progression

    SALE T1 CARALHOOOOO KKKKKKKKKK Im very glad i got the chance to be accepted as a new member of this familia. Glad to see my Guy made it aswell, only death will tear us apart. Congrats to the new trials aswell! Well written yani. Lets get drunk cornos jskahdja
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    between us, i still didnt finish it but dont tell anyone
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    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Andrew, i’m 18 (will be 23 i a couple of years) i live in Albania. I love music, cars, pussy, weed and all of the wannabe cool things you can think of. I can speak 3 languages fluently (albanian, greek, english). I love animals (cat person). I’m ironic as hell, a meme addict but also serious when needed. Hope you got a taste of me ;) Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I started playing MTA in late 2016 on ffs server. First game mode that i was interested in was PTP (was similar to Busted) so i spent most of my time playing there. Took a 2 month break and on october 2017 i came back with the decision to focus on DM only, judging by the effort players put into mapping and playing. I’mma be honest i was pretty impressed. On march 2018 i joined Force Out Xtreme (<3). Worked my way to leading the clan and i cannot appreciate and be grateful enough for the times i’ve had in there. I left on the same month but a year later Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: xN and FoXX had always had good relations with each other so i had the chance to get to know a lot of the members of this team. I’m pretty sure the atmosphere is great which is a priority for a clan. Things such as skill can be gained up by time. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: To be honest i wouldn’t consider myself a skilled dm player buy i can definitely work harder on that and improve day by day. I also have a bit of experience on organizing things and dealing with different situations PS: davi corno Thanks for reading my application and i hope you have a good one.