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  1. *Snoop

    declined xNSnoop' join requast

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: My nickname is Snnop, Im from Tunisie. I’m 16 years old, i like playing football . Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I downloaded MTA somewhere in 2013. i start playing in Serveur CIT2 https://cit2.net/index.php?action=forum in 2016 i found FFS and i still playing in it https://ffs.gg/forum.php My previous clans include: Paradoix _ pX Revoluation Gaming \\rG Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I want to be part of the team cause xN is famous team in ffs and all pro players in it that's why i want to try my luck with u and i want to join too cause i have friends here What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I know its hard to get accepted cause good team but i can help in GK cws and participate in event ...