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  1. ShaoliN

    declined Astic join request #2

  2. As the title says Show us what are you listening currently! (give likes me poor)
  3. ShaoliN

    declined Roachy's join request

    Kurwa wkoncu wrociles Gl Roachy moj przyjacielu ❤️❤️❤️
  4. ShaoliN

    shaolin journey to become hdp

  5. If going hit then not hit copy paste and you wont hit any deco at all so you will be pro send 20€ paypal i buy pubg Xd
  6. >be me >launch mta and join ER >mon told you about xN >make application to xN >you got into xN >chill with adidas >he film your screams on xpr >post on youtube >everyone JAJAJAJA THIS GUY FUNNY Xd >be the winner thenx uy for reding me jr go like for like DxXd
  7. ShaoliN

    declined Shacle's Attempt

    Halil anani sikim oc AQSWTAHW Jk broo good job and have luck!
  8. ShaoliN

    declined Valentino's Join request

    Buenos días, Valentino, espero que puedas hacer bien en unirte a nuestro clan. (sry for bad translator i have lagz) vamo valentino join xn yes go gl hf Estaba moviendo a tu gato jajajajajaj
  9. ShaoliN

    News #07: Alliance with Progression

    I agree gz admins and wp trials enjoy yes xDd
  10. ShaoliN

    accepted EM1N3M's Join request

    Gl lindo te amo❤️
  11. ShaoliN

    accepted Dove's second attempt.

    Good luck bro youre beast❤️
  12. ShaoliN

    accepted ShaoliN comeback

    Nickname / Location / Personal info: Hey,my name is Oliwer,ingame known as SHLN/ShaoliN, I am 18 years old and I was born in Poland but currently I live in Geldern which is located in NRW in Germany.In my free time I like to play computer games,spend time with my friends and also with my family.People would like describe me as a freindly,helpful, honest and also funny guy. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: I started playing MTA with my friend Mateusz "M@T!" back in 2010 at a DM/DD server called "Fuck You" where I lerned the basics of the gamemode DM.After 2 years the server was closed due lack of players on the server.After that my friend and I joined a server called "Toxic".I sped there a lot of time meeting new great players like Jekorgi,SpeedDemonz and many others.Also in this time my friend told me about server called FFS Gaming and I was impressed how many gamemodes we have in MTA. In 2014 I had to stop playing MTA because my parents decided to move to Germany.So I had 1 year break.I came back in 2015 and I found new server called "Treningowy Polski Serwer-TPS" and also in this time my friend Jekorgi decided to open a clan called "fE-fast Eagles".I had to try my luck,so I wrote a JR and I got accepted.After few months Jekorgi has to close the clan because some players left and some was innactive.It was my first "proffesional" clan and it was a great time for me.After some months my friend NArxs told me about clan called "v8-Victorious Eight" which was lead by vovo'.I tried my luck there and I got accepted without writing JR.After 3/4 months vovo' decided to close the clan because many players left and he also decided to leave MTA for a while.In v8 i meet many people like ViskuZ,Bart,Roachy,Rhae and some other.In summer 2016 I decided to make new clan with Narxs called "KoR-Kingdom of Raiders" I must say that was a bad idea because I had to close clan after 1 month.The reason was that noone was really interested in this clan.So after that I joined server called ER#.I played there for fun till January 2017.My friend MoN told me about clan called "xN-Nitrous Racing".So I decided to try my luck and i got accepted again.I was in xN for about 8 months and I had there good time.But sadly I left due my innactivity and due some problems of myslef.I really regret leaving xN back then i wasnt that much mature and i realize it after 1/2 weeks that i lost my family cuz of my stupidy.After that my friend invite me to a clan called "7m-Seventh Miracle" but after 1 month I decided to left because I didn't feel good there and also I was innactive.After that I had 3 months brake,but in January 2018 I came back.I tried to join TC and i get in! I stayed for ofer 9months (2months testing period) and i left The Crew on 19.03.2019.I can honestly say that first 4 months in tc were very nice and i really enjoyed the atmosphere here,but since TK and CresPro left i didnt felt comfortable at all.The other thing is that you know guys that im everytime honest and i say everything what i have on my mind but sadly you cant even speak with your leaders in TC.Theyre instantly joking around and they simple dont care about other members.I rejoined after a kick because my friends (Luminaire,Chaos,Delete) got in and i wanted to stay with them in TC.But since we left L7 and SackOne the only one dude who cared about our "DM Squad" we had enough of it.Now im trying my luck here and i guess its will be my last clan forever.Here i can see my real friends a leadership who cares about you and allways tries to help each other in many situation. fE-3/4 months-closed v8-3/4 months-closed KoR-1 month-closed xN-8 months-left 7m-1 month-left TC-9 months-kicked/left (contact me on pw for more information about it) Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: I would like to join xN because i fell a empty space since i left xN.This clan is the only one i want to be and only one who can improve me as a player and also as a person.I just want to have a good time with you guys and to do many maaany thing but togheter What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I can help you with WFF/DM clan wars.Also I think that I am pretty good and during CW I am very calm and motivated in things i do. Also i want to join xN because I want to imporve myself day by day so i can be useful to you guys.Also some friends of mine are there. Thanks for reading my JR and i wish you a wonderful day :-) I will add my discord just in case someone wants to contact me :p Discord: ShaoliN#9716