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  1. Lord141

    Last Shot Counts - SH Tournament (Registration)

    Team's Name: Nitrousnoel riders Contact: Skype: dima.miheev93 Players: - Lord141 - SherazPapi - iProShoot Reserves: - Qashai - Mousy
  2. Lord141

    declined Qashqai's Join Request

    Good luck
  3. Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Dima I'm 24 years old and I live in Ukraine. Tell us about you and your history in MTA / clans you've been part of: Before starting playing MTA, I was playing SA:MP, there I used to play on two servers called GalaXy RPG, and RolePlay server called Diamond-RP. Then I moved to MTA(Just saw a video on YouTube), I used to play only DayZ servers, then I started playing on 3R(3lite-racers), after 3 months, I got invinted to 3R as Shooter member, as 3R member I was 1 year then I got kicked because of inactivity(before this was a accident where 3-4 players left 3R, also my friend, then I went inactive.) Then somewhere around 2012-2013 I found -ffs-. I used to play DM but after a while I changed to Shooter. I found an awesome clan called ZF(Zero-Fear) I found alot of new friends, i was playing almost every shooter clan wars(I was very proud of this, because we were playing against best clans of -ffs-), but then leaders went inactive, some of them went to army etc.. So I started playing DM. For this moment I'm DM and Shooter player. Why you'd like to join Nitrous Racing: There are many reasons why I want to join the xN#, but the main reason, I'm a very good Shooter player and I'm helpful for Shooter Clan Wars. What can you contribute with / Why do you think we'd accept you: I'm just a active player who plays Shooter. I'm that kind of player that is loyal, motivated and mature. I have alot of free time. That's all I got to say for now. Im going to do my best for xN#.